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From Immigrant to Lash Educator, Cosmina Inspires Others With Her Story 

Cosmina Esanu is a licensed esthetician, YouTuber, podcast host, and Massachusetts Cosmetology Board-certified lash educator. She is the founder of Limitlashes, a business academy helping others to chase their dreams. She is a celebrated author and writer of the book, Look At You Know – The Ultimate Playbook to Building a 6-Figure Lash Extension Business from the Ground Up, which dives deeper into how to become omnipresent online and go from hunting for clients to becoming hunted. Cosmina also hosts the popular podcast, Full-Time Lash Artist, and a popular YouTube channel.

Additionally, Cosmina stands out from the crowd due to her ability and sincere desire to be honest and transparent. She informs her clients of each step involved in applying eyelash extensions. She often posts videos on her YouTube channel demonstrating how to apply lash extensions and be a successful lash artist.

“When my customers choose me, they don’t get just a simple lash extension set, they get a full experience that helps them feel confident,” Cosmina says.

Born in Romania, Cosmina is a European native with a profound passion for the beauty industry. From a young age, she adored cosmetics and was constantly thrilled by every beauty aspect. However, she moved to the US, a country that provided her with a better opportunity to pursue her passion. With a mission to accomplish, Cosmina and her husband immigrated to the US in 2012, landing at the airport with only $500 in their pocket.

This was only a clue of the challenging years ahead, struggling to catch up with a new culture, new language, and different economy, which were obstacles she had to overcome. The first two years were tough as Marian and his wife Cosmina both worked seven days a week, 2 to 3 jobs in restaurants, and manual labor jobs to save money and start their own business. Cosmina’s first business was a cleaning company, and she was only running it part-time while attending lash classes after work to learn the skill of lash extensions.

Despite modest beginnings as an immigrant with little money, Cosmina expanded her skills and mastered the technique of applying lash extensions. However, finding reliable, high-quality lash training and mentors to help her proved challenging, especially in the early days. A self-motivated woman, Cosmina decided to establish Limitlashes, a lash-training business academy. She devoted countless hours to building the Limitlashes brand into a huge success in the cosmetics business.

Cosmina also pioneered the path for other lash artists by designing specialized training programs worldwide through her expertise, education, and tenacity. Recently, the passionate philanthropist launched the Limitless Beauty Boss podcast, an inspirational show where she offers impactful advice on launching a business in the beauty sector. Though still a relatively new platform, the Limitless Beauty Boss podcast is already gaining traction across the country with positive reviews.

To her, her mission is to continue sharing her story and experience and hopefully impact over a million women to start their own businesses.