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Martin Rust

From Crisis to Opportunity: The Art of Optimizing the Moment in Any Situation

Martin Rust is a strategic consultant with a proven approach to inform decision making. He works with organizations, both in Canada and around the world, often at the intersection of geopolitics and corporate goals. His practical approach to delivering outcomes leans on over two decades of experience gathering intelligence, analyzing data points, and objectively determining the best path forward. He is known for problem solving, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, and powerful message development.

Today’s world is characterized and defined by unanticipated events in markets, geopolitics, and the environment; any of these events can impact your organization in ways never before imagined. Considering our evolving, ever-changing world, business leaders need to recognize that strategic business decisions will need to be made in the crucible of unanticipated events. Today’s leaders must make decisions that will result in organizations meeting goals, despite the unpredictable impacts of real-world events, based on the effectiveness of the best laid strategic plans. Many organizations are ‘stuck’ in a strategic quagmire,

Martin Rust specializes in procurement, reputation management, security, advocacy, and analysis. Strategic communication, where the development of a new strategic plan or revision of an existing strategic plan is often the go-to solution for an organizational boost or reboot, Plan after plan can be written and rewritten only to be shelved, ignored, or fall short of its objectives due to changing conditions. While strategic plans occupy an important place on the spectrum of contemporary corporate governance standards, we can not necessarily rely on them to be a turning point for adaptive change. They often fail to result in more productive performance from management and employees when day-to-day operations are disrupted by factors that did not exist when the strategic plan was adopted.

Optimize the Moment

“Optimize the Moment” (OTM) is a unique and pragmatic business approach.  It permits leaders to make better decisions and lead more effectively in the moment. By understanding how to gather and apply market analysis, intelligence, and data points, the OTM approach serves as a necessary real-world enhancement to strategic plans.  The OTM approach accounts for unforeseeable shifts in factors that can heavily impact your organization.

Rust puts organizations and their leaders on a path to best capitalize on change by developing a new “optimize” mindset.  The optimize mindset will help leaders be more strategic, nimble, and flexible in their daily decision making. Leaders will be able to navigate daily challenges and even crises with business processes and plans that support and help to achieve their business goals. OTM can help your organization make immediate improvements that get you and your people making better daily decisions right away.

And finally, the OTM approach helps leaders develop effective communications that are clear and easy to understand.  A communication style to get the entire organization working together effectively. Creating communications that ensure an organization-wide understanding of its goals will also help create a culture that helps people live better by thinking better and, with it, become better people and better contributors to their organization. Often, employees do not see themselves in their organization’s strategic plan and cannot identify how they benefit from that plan. The OTM approach places employees in empowering and engaging decision-making positions to help bolster effectiveness and achieve strategic business goals.

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