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From Bail Bonds to Transformation Life Coaching: The Inspiring Story of Brooke Harlan

Everyone loves a good comeback story. There’s something about the power of second chances that captivates us, inspiring us to push beyond our own limits and achieve our wildest dreams. And when we have someone cheering us on, believing in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves, it can make all the difference. Brooke Harlan understands this power intimately, and she’s dedicated her life to helping others find their own second chances.

As a transformational life coach and activist, Miss Brooke believes everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they have been through or their mistakes. She understands that people can change and grow and is committed to providing support and resources to help her clients transform their lives. In her long and successful career, Miss Brooke has spent years working with people from all walks of life to help them overcome adversity, find their purpose, and have another shot at a productive life.

Miss Brooke has had a unique journey in life. Her family owned and operated one of the first bail bond companies in Sumner County, Tennessee, but she initially had no desire to join them in the bail industry. Instead, she pursued a career in marketing. However, several events led her to the bail industry, and she eventually embraced it as her calling.

Brooke built her life and the foundation of her business with her late husband, Channing. However, in October 2017, Channing passed away unexpectedly, leaving Brooke to raise their four children and run the business alone. The year following Channing’s death was the darkest night of her soul. There were days she couldn’t even get out of bed and was in complete survival mode. However, she knew she had so many people depending on her and that she had to keep moving forward. She surrendered, released, and asked for spiritual guidance, trusting that her higher power had a plan far greater than her own. This was the catalyst of a real awakening and transition into her new life.

Brooke became inspired and motivated to honor her calling. Gradually, she went from surviving to thriving again, and every day, she focused on one thing that contributed to becoming the best version of herself and a messenger of healing and hope for others. After two years of healing, Miss Brooke eventually found love again with her high school sweetheart, Michael, and they got married on June 15th, 2019. Michael later left his own industry to join Brooke and embark on the journey of running her business with her while they continue to focus on their mission of transforming lives.

Through her work, Brooke has seen firsthand the impact of incarceration on individuals and families. As the CEO of Brooke’s Bail Bonding, one of the largest bail bond businesses in the South, she has encountered many situations with her clients that have become the catalyst for her mission as a transformational leader. She believes everyone deserves a second chance and that transformation is possible for anyone willing to do the work. 

Miss Brooke’s goal as a transformational life coach is to provide her clients with the support and resources they need to make positive changes in their lives. She wants to help them break the cycle of incarceration and create a better future for themselves and their families. Her mission is to empower others to live their best lives and be a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who are struggling.