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From a refugee to a role model, social activist, and entrepreneur: the success story of Wahhab Hassoo

Wahhab Hassoo is the CEO of Get Trending Agency, co-founder NL Helpt Yezidis, co-founder Kapsalon Moka.

It was the devastating war ravaging his home country that forced him and his family to flee. Like dozens of refugees, young Wahhab ended up in the Netherlands, after spending a large part of his life in Iraq. Many years later and a world apart, Wahhab is now a role model and a successful entrepreneur. What made this possible?

‘I was only 7 when the US invaded Iraq. For me and dozens of other Yazidis, this was the moment we knew we had to flee the country. After my parents and I fled our country, the only thing we had in our minds was surviving, and we made it to the Netherlands, we did survive’

Helping others

‘In 2014, together with my Dutch friends, I have established NL Helpt Yezidis, a foundation that helps Yazidi refugees in Iraq. With NL Helpt Yazidis we managed to distribute more than 50 tons of clothes and other basis human needs to refugees and NL Helpt Yazidis team still does.’

Opportunity Knocks

‘In a country of opportunity like the Netherlands, I started to believe that one not only can be him-herself, but also study and do whatever anyone wants. I became very active within businesses networks and I used my social media platforms not only to speak up for refugees, but also to help local entrepreneurs with refuge background’.

Wahhab Hassoo continues ‘in 2018 I helped a refugee to set up a barbershop called Kapsalon Moka, a small local salon in Ede, the Netherlands. Kapsalon Moka is now one of the best barbershops in Gelderland province. The team of Kapsalon Moka only consists of people with refugee background. I believe that Kapsalon Moka and its team will one day be one of the best and most successful barber salons in the Netherlands.’

Future business

‘In the last two decades, social media became a fundamental part of our lives, socially, economically, and politically. Instead of becoming a pilot , as I have dreamed of, I decided to start a business within marketing field in the Netherland. Very recently we started with the so called ‘’Get Trending Agency’’, which provides Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and Graphic design services. Get Trending Agency is one of my best projects and I really look forward to getting a success with. Unlike a local marketing agency, Get Trending Agency will help local businesses worldwide and mainly businesses that are found by people with refugee background. I believe that Get trending Agency will be my future and the future of my family’.

Prospects for young people

‘Nowadays, there are so many young people living in refugee camps in many regions on our planet. If you ask me, the best way to invest in young people is to provide them with basic human needs in the first place, and both psychosocial support and the skills they need to get work secondly. That’s what will really help them move forward and built up not only a future for them, but also for the next generation .Young people like me deserve the opportunity to earn their own income and live their lives with dignity’.

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