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Fred Srouchi is a charismatic figure in the nightlife industry

Hard work and dedication are key factors to your success says, Fred Srouchi.

The most aspiring aspects that glitter your victory is through your self-belief and your passion to transform the world. Fred Srouchi had proved that if you are burning fire of passion then no power can stop you from achieving your set goal.

Fred was born on the 21st of May 1973 in the southern part of France, Marseille. Though he belonged to a middle-class family his dreams were never limited. As he was a son of an auto-entrepreneur, while his mother owned her lingerie shop he nurtured several business skills from his parents. In 1983, they moved to Belgium as his father wished to explore his business in running ‘Gentleman Club’. However, after 3 years the family moved back to Marseille as his mother was pregnant and completed his study in the same city.

Fred has always been passionate about business and was looking for his luck to hit his destiny. However, at the age of 20, he was offered to run a club that was just opened, this club was catering to the city’s students mostly which was a great success. Further, expanding his career they opened a second club opened in the French Riviera. However, life is full of thorns and sadly, in 1997, he met with a motorcycle accident that ruined his nightlife career and he was away from his passion for a year. But his optimistic thoughts always spark his confidence.

It is truly said where there is a will there is a way and he restarted his career working with “VIP ROOM” in Europe which strengthen his network around the globe. Further, he worked with Cannes Film Festival, Monaco, and Courchevel. However, In 2006 he started his London adventure by working at the ‘Crystal Club’ for a year. Then moved to ‘Maddox Club’. However, his turning point comes while working with Maddox he was offered to become a partner. Further expanding his own venture he initiated his own club called “Madon Club”. Now, with his own venture he has partnered with Chinawhite Club’ in Manchester, ‘Kaide’s Club’ since 2017, and the famous ‘Stringfellows’ since 2019 which are well-known nightlife venues across the UK and Europe. Places of celebrity and VIP people.

Fred with nothing to success facing challenges has inspired youths to believe and work hard to touch the sky of victory.