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Forget SEO here are the Top Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

One of the best ways of achieving higher conversions and increasing revenue is by driving traffic to your website. Every business has decided to capitalize on Search engine optimization this year to increase traffic to their websites. SEO is known to be an efficient strategy for digital growth.

According to Net Marketshare, Google managed to drive up to 72 % of all the global search traffic to websites last year. Nevertheless, with the growth of the internet and the consistent fight for companies to achieve the top ranking, the odds for driving enough traffic keep dwindling. As such, it has become necessary for brands to seek alternative ways of increasing traffic.

One of the strategies of increasing website traffic is by guest blogging. The strategy enhances PR and improves a website’s credibility. It also increases the awareness of a brand and exposes the business to new customers. As an extra bonus, guest blogging increases SEO rankings via its links. Effective guest blogging entails finding businesses and other websites to collaborate with, particularly those you share a similar target audience.

Investing in social media is the other way of driving traffic to a website. Sprout Social asserts that social media has a direct influence of 74% on the buying decisions of consumers. Social media platforms serve as brand builders in addition to immediate traffic. The secret is to avoid depending on organic postings. The only challenge is that most social media platforms require businesses to pay for the promotion of their posts. The god news is that the promotion charges are relatively low and if executed well, the strategy guarantees high investment returns.

A business keen on driving traffic, will utilize email marketing. Thus, brands can use the strategy to promote their products and services as well as content marketing with newsletters or emails. Most sources agree that this is one of the most suitable marketing tools and guarantees high returns on investment. Some of the tactics to explore are personalization, and A/B testing.

Additionally, don’t forget to integrate video content with postings of brand videos, demonstrations as well as short social media clips. If necessary, a brand can go ahead and offer webinars because it engages the consumers and offers high value to clients.

Most importantly, don’t forget to advertise online because the advertising industry has long moved from billboards and Mad Men Campaigns. The idea behind these strategies is not to erase Search engine optimization but it is necessary to explore other methods in the competitive advertising sector.