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Following Tarik’s Style of Unique and Nostalgic Music

As we start to grow up, the world becomes more and more complex. Responsibilities start to pile up, and our attention is redirected to many places at once. This fast-paced and hectic life slowly pulls us in, and most of us can’t even get a break to stop and digest everything. With a lifestyle like this, the ideal thing would be to take a trip down memory lane, and there is no better medium to get us there than music. Singer, songwriter, and actor Tarik has made this his music legacy, and this is what he focuses on for his listeners. 

As mentioned, being involved in practical work can often be tiring and very consuming. Tarik’s music pulls people out of their daily lives and takes them back, being able to experience old times, memories and simply escape. 

Born in Canada, Tarik moved to Los Angeles, and this is where he works. Tarik is involved in songwriting, acting, and, of course, singing. There are many unique aspects and personality traits that put Tarik on a completely different level from many other artists. For one, Tarik doesn’t take himself too seriously. He opts to look at life from a very different perspective, a child’s perspective. This allows his curiosity to remain at its peak and for endless imagination. Both of which translate into his work, where he ends up producing some amazing lyrics. 

Inspired by industry legends such as Micheal Jackson, Elton John, and George Micheal, Tarik’s music is the ultimate culmination of the golden age of music for many of us. This element separates Tarik from the mainstream music industry. While everyone tries to catch on to the latest trends, Tarik has his own road, and his listeners adore him for this.

When talking about challenging times, Tarik mentions that working alone is one of them. After working solo for so long, Tarik was able to find a producer who shares similar values to himself. Together, they can produce some amazing music while being able to retain their authenticity. 

When talking about wisdom, Tarik talks about the importance of being able to express yourself. He says that listeners draw from your energy, so you need to be at the top of your game, giving them the emotions they need from you. For Tarik, this is like a puzzle, putting together emotions and ending up with a story worth telling. 

Since the start, Tarik has been an advocate of people being able to freely express themselves, and he has done that at every turn in his life. He knew that he wanted to create nostalgic music, and he stayed with it, not allowing the industry to influence his music with whatever was trending at the time. 

When talking about the future, many people have ambitions and numbers they want to achieve, and while there is nothing wrong with that, Tarik, on the other hand, wants to make sure he can create a bigger impact on the lives of people. He wants his listeners to journey back in time, to encapsulate moments and remember amazing things. Tarik is indeed producing pure art.