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‘Fix the Ridiculous Immigration Laws’ Trump Asks the Senate

On Thursday, President Donald Trump asked the Senate to amend “our ridiculous immigration laws,” just a day after giving in to the pressure of the public to halt his government’s policy of splitting families who illegitimately enter the country.

In a tweet on Thursday, the president says that there is no need to hire thousands of judges as the law on immigration stipulates, but should change it, build a wall and get more security agents to ensure that no one illegally crosses the border or gets in by saying some legal words which as their password to entry .Although it is not clear what the president insinuation of password meant, some have said that ‘asylum’ is the secret word which the illegal immigrants use to gain entry into the country.

The tweet by the president came a day after he signed a declaration halting his policy on separation of families, particularly minors and their parents who cross the border unlawfully. Trump gave in to the pressure from the Democrats as well as his party the republican and the public outcry that requested him to act on the matter since it was not disgraceful but also inhumane.

In a second tweet today, he says that the border has posed challenges to the country but since Schumer and Pelosi who are democrats are a week on border security and crime, will have to do something to provide a long-term solution to the problem. The president has defended his policy on this matter blaming it squarely on the Democrats’even though he knew perfectly well; an executive order would be the solution. Additionally, although he has the majority people in the Congress, the conservative seems not to compromise on his stance,and thus his bill on immigration will not pass.

The president tweeted again on Thursday, question why the house needed to make good immigration bills when only nine votes by the democrat’ssenators and the Dems could obstruct the whole process. He concludes by saying that his party must get rid of the stupid Filibuster should be notable that the white house has called on the Republican severally to get rid of this law in the Congress. He would later call out Pelosi saying that she had a dream of having the United States with an open border which is also what the Democrats wants.

For several weeks now, the president has attacked Pelosi for her position on immigration, and even going to the extent of claiming that she is a supporter of the MS-13 gang members. However, the Senate minority leader does not back the violent group and has disapproved the president’s language during the discussion of unauthorized immigrants.