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Fast Rising Realtor Keyan Chang Changed His Social Platform Username

Social media marketing has become increasingly important for any business looking to increase its reach online and in the physical world. There are many ways to build your social media presence, such as using a personal account. That can help establish a solid foundation in any industry, growing the popularity of your brand. However, if you sell unique goods or offer exceptional services, you may need to change your username as the popularity of your brand skyrockets. That will create room for more followers to identify you and allow you to grow an even bigger audience. That’s what top investor and asset manager Keyan Chang has done.

Until recently, Keyan connected with clients and followers on one platform, @key7no. This account has thousands of followers, but wasn’t easily recognizable. Keyan believes this move will help with marketing campaigns, helping them grow exponentially. He also wants to make it easier for his clients and followers to distinguish between his real accounts and pseudo accounts put up by others. Hopefully, the new account (@keyswag) will become verified soon, eliminating any confusion potential clients or followers may experience.

As the president of a real estate holding company, Keyan loves establishing connections with diverse groups of people. He spends time growing his brand, KeySwag, which holds $10M+ in assets. He also helps novices in the industry establish themselves. Keyan leverages skills he acquired from previous experiences in sales, real estate acquisition, and property & asset management to do that effectively.

Keyan started his journey in real estate three years ago, shortly after graduating with a Degree in Electrical Engineering. He bought his first condo in 2019 and went all in, leveraging debt, cash-out refinancing, and negotiating. He grew his portfolio to 66 units by early 2022, growing his passive income within three years. He has also managed to help other investors make high yield returns with fix and flips, cash-flowing rental properties, and Airbnb properties.

Today, Keyan is a knowledgeable, licensed realtor and mortgage broker. His company is Ohio’s #1 mortgage brokerage. That’s a major accomplishment for Keyan, who is only 25 years old, and one he hopes to double every year in the future. Towards that end, Keyan plans to help new investors get into real estate and to provide high yield returns for them.

So far, Keyan’s journey has involved overcoming several challenges. From losing properties to issues with non-paying tenants, he has learned his lessons and used them to establish his career. Keyan willingly shares those lessons with others, teaching them how to invest and grow, and earn passive income from their investments. New investors can get in touch with Keyan through his new Instagram platform or website and start their journey toward financial freedom.

Keyan’s vision is to turn @keyswag into a turnkey service where people can receive high yield returns through investments in real estate. He also plans to move into cash-flowing businesses like coffee shops, bars, gyms, restaurants, and nightclubs.

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