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Experimental Music Producer Good Spells Finally Releases “Who We Are”

Thrill, competition, passion and art are just some ways to describe what the global music industry is like in the modern day. With crowd-favorite tracks being loved and listened to for decades on end, it’s not always easy bringing something new to the table and introducing a new sound or genre to audiences, that they haven’t previously heard. Yet, this is exactly what UK experimental music producer Good Spells is doing.

Daring to explore alternative, dark topics but maintain a pop aesthetic, is no mean feat. 

Working from inside his new studio, a converted Airstream, he says, “it looks like a chrome spaceship and the inside is like being inside a rocket. The environment is such a creative space”. To adjust his life and equipment to the new studio, having run commercial studios in the past, Good Spells looked to refine his gear list. Now only using his favorite software, Reason Studios, mixed with some select pieces of outboard and a range of synths, a new svelte workflow is in place. 

Good Spells is looking forward to the reception of his new release. “Who We Are”, which is a haunting, but addictive sound, marks a territory that the UK based producer is quickly becoming known for. He says “the song is about the inner demons that we carry with us and how they can become part of who we are.”

Looking to grow his traction on social media and increase his online presence, Good Spells is planning a series of videos from inside the studio, showing synth and sound design work that might feature in future release. His Spotify channel is rapidly growing and the artist’s material is also available and active on other major music platforms such as Apple Music and Tidal.

Good Spells has faced a lot of challenges in order to get to where he is able to make music consistently, but it’s an obvious passion that was always going to win out. Indeed, he says “everyone has their own journey to take, and they should nurture what they’re truly passionate about, no matter what.”

For the future, Good Spells wants to introduce his daughter to his love of music production and art, and hopes that she might one day be a team member alongside him in the studio.

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