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Everything You Need to Know About Arman Khan – The Filmmaker

Arman Khan is a London based British Cinematographer.

An imaginative storyteller, Arman khan has both vision and commercial focus. He excels in both the creative elements of the filmmaking process, as well as the business side, shaping financially viable features that captivate the audience.

Inspired by the Russo Brothers, Arman khan completed a BSc in Film & Television Production with the University of brunel ,graduating with honours and directing the pilot film IMMINENT starring Mike Beckingham for his final year project with the hope of making it into a feature film.

Arman Khan

Early life:

Arman Khan was born on January 1, 1991, in Quetta, Pakistan. His early research is from KPK and they will complete 0 steps when his family moves to Karachi in 2003. Khan moved from Karachi to London and settled in England with his family.

Arman Khan launched Picturental ltd with a passion for sharing his knowledge of newly edited filmmaking. He started his career in the industry without formal training, he was completely unqualified, which did not prevent him from sharing his personal experiences and opinions. .. Initially, they were interested in talking about the products and equipment they used, but as they gained experience, they became more interested in creative processes and ideas from a technical perspective.

Producer/Director/VFX Designer

Arman Khan

Film studies with a specialism in Cinematography Game development and Animation, specializing in VFX design. Arman khan has also become part of one of the significant Bollywood hits including:

  • Loveshudda
  • Rustom
  • Azhar
  • Phir Se
  • Welcome 2 Karachi
  • Firrkie

He pays his duties as the casting assistant in Bollywood but later promoted as the Casting Director.

He currently lives in Berkshire slough, England, and has discovered that by working himself, he can combine all work-related interests into film, music, and analytical writing.

When he’s not working, he spends more time hiking, rewatching the British comedy series, playing badminton, and barbecuing in the park. Achakzai recently made his own documentary film. The entire project he did during Carrentine was selected for the Online Film Festival. Khan knows he has a degree in VFX design, so he frequently uses VFX in documentaries, so he takes advantage of VFX’s skills and takes all the skills to build a good VFX in the documentary. I used it. The documentary was about 10 minutes long.

Upcoming works of Arman Khan is working on a screenplay of a movie based on the true story of the clash between the Ghabizai and Hamamai people, but the date and place have not yet been confirmed.

Ultimately, his dream is to inspire and educate up and coming filmmakers in achieving their goals and aspirations with his work – do more, go further, to innovate and captivate.