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Everything About 3rB SQUAD, the First Esports Team Making Its Mark

Over the years, Asia has been a leader when it comes to the development of hyper-competitive e-games. The continent is also known for presenting the biggest market consumption for these games, with an estimate of over 400 million enthusiasts, significantly reflecting the number of professional gamers from the region.

A renowned gaming powerhouse, 3rB SQUAD, popularly known as 3rB, is one of the top esports teams transforming the sector. 3rB takes pride in being the first Middle East team dominating the industry. 3rB was established in 2007 by Hamad Saleh, a passionate gaming enthusiast. Hamad is also notable for his solid social media presence, especially on his YouTube channel, where he uploaded the first sniping montage. 

Additionally, 3rB is the first and only Middle East team that had a contract with Machinima in 2012 and stayed with them until they shut down. The team had several wins in Call of Duty: Elite when Call of Duty launched Elite in Nov 2011 and claimed the top spot for several years. But after Elite was shut down in Feb 2014 after running for over two years, the 3rB team shifted focus to montages as they were no more local tournaments. 

Fortunately, the team made a comeback with the Call of Duty release and Call of Duty Mobile Tournament. Since then, they participated in 2020 and 2021, claiming second  place. A year later, the 3rB team stands out as one of the few teams officially licensed by the Saudi Federation for Electronic Sports under the International Federation of Electronic Sports. The team also made collaborative montages with FaZe Clan to be the first Middle East clan.

Some of 3rB’s other notable achievements include successfully establishing the Call of Duty: Elite and creating numerous games, including the globally-played Call of Duty Mobile. This is a revolutionary game for everyone, and aside from the thrill and entertainment, there are monetary prizes to be won, such as the $2 million prize fund for the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship in 2021. Players can also enjoy various challenging stages.

Climbing your way to the top of the gaming industry is never easy, and the team perfectly understands how it can sometimes be frustrating. However, through difficult moments, you learn and improve to become a better version of yourself. The 3rB team believes teamwork is a crucial component of daily life because it is all about conflict, compromise, and resolution. Working with a team of like-minded individuals who believe in your goals and aspirations is more productive than facing the journey alone. 

Many industry experts have already experienced what you might face, so you can avoid the same setbacks by learning from their failures. The 3rB team now hopes to expand and become a globally recognized brand and an industry leader in the field. Challenges are bound to be part of the journey, but they believe in their potential to overcome and conquer every obstacle on their path to success. “It is true that we faced difficulties, but we come back and take what’s ours and see the team as No.1 as we were,” explains the 3rB team.