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Evaluating “The Case for R&B” with Masked Producer Weku Did That

Weku Did That is a Nigerian-American Record Producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He recently released an R&B Instrumental Album titled “The Case for R&B Vol 1.”. The project is centered around modern, classic, pop, and alternative styles of R&B and the project is sure to be a delight to every singer’s ear. This is said to be the first installment from the masked producer, who is quickly building a name for himself with the work that he is putting in with rising Atlanta R&B/ Hip-Hop artist Rene Bonét.

Weku states that the project was made with singers in mind but that he feels like all artists will find a record on the project that they will like. One particular record on the project titled “I Got Your Number” even caught the attention of platinum selling songwriter Mickey Shiloh who wrote, recorded and released a song using that instrumental. A lot of the instrumentals on the project will evoke pure emotion from whatever artist decides to give it a listen.

In addition, he is being linked to an emerging genre of music that he is calling Trap Rock. Trap Rock merges Rock/Metal with Hip-Hop music. His style of production on these records places’ electric guitars, hard hitting 808 drums, with melodic bass lines and rhythmic piano chords. He is said to be working on the first installment with production solely catered to this new genre of music as well. With this quality and this work ethic he is sure to continue to gain the attention needed to be very successful in this music industry. Listen to “The Case for R&B Vol. 1” on your favorite streaming platform.

Stream on Spotify: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.

Stream on Apple Music: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.

Stream on YouTube: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.





Weku Did That

Creative Director/ Music Producer/ Cinematographer

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