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How Young Entrepreneur Gregory Wright Launched Global Fashion Sensation Gsuwoo

Gsuwoo has been taking the fashion world by storm over the past few years. With a growing number of locations around the US, celebrity endorsements, an avid social media following and smash-hit designs, Gsuwoo’s success only continues to grow.

So how does one launch such a successful fashion brand? 24-year old Gregory Wright, founder of Gsuwoo began his journey in 2017, opening the brand’s first store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Funded by only $200 (and a great deal of passion) the brand began to steadily gain notoriety for the innovative designs being produced. Since 2017, two more locations have been opened in addition to the Florida location, one in Brooklyn, New York in Williamsburg and another in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia.

The demand for Gsuwoo’s products has continued to grow, with socialites all over the world flocking to get a hold of the signature designs. Celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Queen Naija, Arianna Fletcher and more have also taken an interest in the brand and have often been seen wearing the designer products. Working with popular fashion influencers such as Jayda Cheaves was also a huge opportunity for the brand and contributed largely to its success. Since 2018, Gsuwoo’s Instagram account has gained a following of almost 1 million.

The design that launched the brand into the public eye was undoubtedly their signature fur slippers. The slippers became one of the biggest trends of the year, with Gsuwoo the driving force behind the idea. Since the initial success of this launch, Gsuwoo have continued to be trendsetters in the fashion world. The sock shoe embezzled with crystals was another notable hit for the brand. Inspired by Balenciaga, the product sold out incredibly fast, launching yet another worldwide trend. Since these successes, every product released by Gsuwoo continues to sell out almost instantly.

The ultimate fashion destination for young socialites, Gsuwoo enjoys continued success thanks to their trendy designs and the entrepreneurial skills of Gregory Wright. Having had a hugely successful year in 2020, generating 10 million dollars in sales, the brand continues to skyrocket in popularity. New items drop nearly every week including shoes, clothing and accessories. You can find the brand on Instagram or via their website and they have even launched their own app- GSUWOO.

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