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Empowering Beauty: Marlene Carabajal’s Journey to Building Blush Permanent Makeup

From early childhood, Marlene Carabajal harbored a passion for art that would eventually ignite the creation of Blush Permanent Makeup, a company with a profound mission to empower women and redefine conventional beauty standards.

Growing up, Marlene found herself consistently sketching lips in the margins of her middle school and high school notebooks. When asked about her aspirations, her answer remained the same: she wanted to be an artist. But Marlene didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs, and pursuing an artistic career seemed unrealistic.

However, life has a way of guiding us toward our true calling. In her early 20s in Scottsdale, Arizona, Marlene found herself surrounded by ambitious individuals who refused to let age or circumstances deter them, invigorating her spirit in the process. It was during this time that she met someone who would change her perspective on life forever.

This chance encounter was with a former prisoner who had spent nine years behind bars but emerged to become a successful doctor. The story of this remarkable transformation resonated deeply with Marlene, leading her to a profound realization: it’s never too late to discover what truly makes you happy.

But the journey to entrepreneurship wasn’t immediate for Marlene. While the spark had ignited, it would be a few more years before she really got going. Finally when she was 28, while juggling the responsibilities of nursing school and motherhood, she found her calling within the beauty industry.

Initially, Marlene believed her nursing career would be put on hold with a lot going on in her life, as she found a side hustle as a permanent makeup artist. At the end of that calendar year, she made the pivotal decision to undergo formal training in the art of permanent makeup. With a clear passion and undying determination, she started her own business just a month later.

Blush Permanent Makeup, founded in January 2019, is more than just a beauty business. It’s a platform for Marlene’s mission to lift up women in multiple ways. The company specializes in permanent makeup services, including lips, eyebrows and cosmetic enhancements.

Marlene’s vision extends beyond enhancing outer beauty, though. Blush Permanent Makeup is a conduit for women to wake up each day with confidence, free from the need to rush to the mirror to apply makeup. Through her training programs, she empowers her students to not only master their craft but also to provide for themselves and become independent. The company also stands as a staunch supporter against domestic violence, championing women to live life on their own terms and break free from oppression.

Blush Permanent Makeup’s services extend beyond the confines of a single studio. Marlene is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise. Upcoming classes in Omaha, Nebraska, and Austin, Texas, scheduled for September and November — respectively — provide women with an opportunity to learn the art of permanent makeup. Regular classes are held in San Antonio with another upcoming session in Arizona in December.

Presently headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Blush Permanent Makeup has expanded its footprint to San Antonio. This is where Jesslyn and Vanessa are learning under Marlene’s mentorship. Elyssa, Amariz, and Karen are part of the dedicated team, collectively working to empower women and redefine beauty standards in Scottsdale.

But Marlene’s ambitions don’t stop here. She has her sights set on opening permanent studios in Arizona and Texas, while also aiming to make her mark in the beauty hubs of Miami and New York City. Her mission is not just hers alone; she wants people around the world to take up her cause, focusing on traveling and training internationally. Going global is the next milestone for this visionary entrepreneur.

What sets Blush Permanent Makeup apart from others in the beauty industry is Marlene’s passion for her craft, her use of the highest quality techniques and her commitment to providing world-class training. Beyond imparting skills, Marlene genuinely pours herself into her students, offering mentorship and support that extends well beyond the classroom.

To join Marlene in her mission to empower women and redefine beauty standards, visit Blush Permanent Makeup’s website. You can reach out through their contact form or explore their offerings on Instagram via their Linktree.