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Emerging Music Producer SpaceNTime Shares His Story

Varun Sharma is known by his stage name SpaceNTime as a solo music producer for countless artists. Active since the 2010s, he transitioned into a new persona many years ago, which was the same time his career soared to greater heights. Since then, he has continued to make strides in the music industry and even launched his own business through a website called Spacetrumentals.

SpaceNTime is based in Los Angeles, California, where he does most of his writing, recording, and marketing work. As a musician, he injects unusual themes into his music, which is greatly appreciated by his growing number of followers all over the world. SpaceNTime is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop music scene at a time when it was thought to have been taken over completely by other popular genres.

SpaceNTime became more well-known in the mainstream music scene when he produced an album for hip-hop artist Pacman da Gunman called All Money In. This collaboration opened the doors for more collaborations with other hotshot artists across different genres. Some of the artists SpaceNTime has worked with include Yhung T.O., Dom Kennedy, and Mozzy.

Arguably, the most popular project SpaceNTime has done so far is the single “Never Gon’ Change” by Pacman da Gunman. The music video for this track, which also featured O.T. Genasis, a famous rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, has over two million views on YouTube. “Never Gon’ Change” happens to be SpaceNTime’s first track to be played on Power 106 radio in Los Angeles, one of his earliest milestones.

SpaceNTime was only in high school when he started recording songs and uploading them to MySpace, back when the website was the most popular social media platform. He worked with sound engineer Syphon during that time and was able to hold on to that partnership even as he became famous. The duo had a solid connection and similar work ethic, which they used to propel them to success in the industry they’re both passionate about.

When asked about Pacman da Gunman, SpaceNTime describes his relationship with the hip-hop star like that of brothers. He has chemistry with the artist both inside the recording booth and out, and they have bonded greatly since they first met. Just like with Syphon, SpaceNTime believes Pacman da Gunman brings out the best in him, and he makes sure he returns the favor.

SpaceNTime’s music stands out when compared to his contemporaries in the industry as his tracks bring a different atmosphere. Many music critics describe his sound as similar to that of being in science fiction and horror films. SpaceNTime cites his West Coast big bosses Dr. Dre and DJ Quik as major influences but maintains he wants to make his own mark.

SpaceNTime’s ultimate advice to anyone who wants to attain success in any industry is to dedicate yourself entirely to your goal. He hopes this attitude will materialize his future plans of making large investments and inspiring people through his music. People can check out SpaceNTime through his accounts on Instagram and Twitter and listen to his songs via SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.