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E-Commerce Experts Kris and Marlene Gomez Share Their Secrets to Success

Kris Gomez, or Kris the Shark as he is popularly known, and his wife Marlene are successful serial entrepreneurs and sales experts. Kris was the number one producing sales rep in the country in 2010 for his exceptional success in the telemarketing industry.

Kris and Marlene are renowned investors in the e-commerce and real estate sectors, making millions in annual revenue. Kris is the co-founder of Ecomm Partners Inc., an e-commerce company that builds automated Amazon and Walmart stores for investors. With his founding partner, Ryan Rio, Kris has pumped millions into the healthcare industry to make a positive impact on people in need.

In the real estate industry, Kris and Marlene are outstanding house flippers and the founders of KMD Property Solutions Inc., their real estate firm. The company is branded as a “same-day home sale” due to its exceptional services that enable them to flip up to 100 houses a year. Under KMD Property Solutions, Kris and Marlene have launched a subsidiary company, House Flipping Automation. The power couple offers marketing services to investors in the house flipping business and those seeking to streamline their leads.

A well-established real estate investor, Kris has also turned to keynote speaking, where he does an accelerator event. His success and contribution to the industry have also got him featured on Jordan Belfort’s Podcast as one of the best and top sales producers in the nation. With Marlene’s unwavering support, Kris can take time out of his busy schedule to recruit salespeople and train and transform them into sales stars.

According to Kris and Marlene, venturing into the e-commerce space and starting a telemarketing company was a game-changer in their careers. E-commerce is one of the most profitable ventures that earned the two of them lots of money to expand into real estate. Through hard work and informed decision-making, they have been able to achieve massive success. Kris consistently credits his lovely wife Marlene for her support and input in the success of their business ventures.   

As modern-day entrepreneurs and investors, Kris and Marlene also laud the power of social media in business growth. To them, Instagram is primarily the catalyst behind all their businesses. Marlene and Kris testify to leveraging social media to put their businesses out there to connect with potential clients and partners. Kris and Marlene hint at their e-commerce company making over $30 million by the end of the year through social media. Amazingly, that’s not through paid ads, just the basic social media platform.

In the real estate industry, Kris and Marlene highlight focusing on sectors that provide a chance for growth. They believe that being an agent is not a practicable way to get rich unless you become a broker. They highly recommend starting a house flipping business where you can get property cheap and then fix and flip at a higher price. Put focus into learning how to get off-market properties directly from homeowners.

Versatile investors, Kris and Marlene are looking forward to investing money into more sectors. They want to venture into the European medical cannabis sector and sell it to hospitals worldwide. However, their main emphasis is to scale the e-commerce company and hopefully start a call center in the Philippines.