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D’usé Saida on Her Music Journey

The first step is crucial in any journey; you will never know the outcome unless you take it. It’s also the hardest step, and for this reason, many are afraid of taking action on their dreams. Hanna Dus, popularly known by her stage name D’usé Saida, is a singer-songwriter who chose to follow her passion, and she is now using her talent to impact lives. Her story is a source of inspiration and encouragement to many, both young and old.

Born in Pittsfield and raised in Lee, Massachusetts, D’usé Saida developed an interest in music at a young age. Her mother is also a huge fan of music. D’usé Saida notes that while growing up, they would spend time listening to various artists such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, and MIA. She says that having her mother by her side and supporting her in every step has been very encouraging.

In the 2nd grade, D’usé Saida was already playing different musical instruments, including guitar and piano, which she still plays today. She also participated in several singing contests throughout her time in school. This helped her perfect her skills and gain more experience, allowing her to create timeless music. Even though the journey hasn’t been easy, and she has had to move across the country to launch her career, D’usé Saida says every step has been worth it.

Since making her debut, D’usé Saida has released two songs that have done exemplary well, receiving recognition worldwide. She has had the opportunity to work with iconic photographer Marc Baptiste, who has worked with top celebrities, including Ciara, Britney Spears, Erykah Badu. Realizing  D’usé Saida’s incredible talent, Marc sent some of her music to Erykah, who approved.

According to D’usé Saida, this was a huge moment not only for her career but her personal life. Erykah has been one of the artists D’usé Saida grew up listening to. D’usé Saida notes that through Erykah’s music, she understood life better, inspiring her to create songs that never go out of style.

Her impeccable voice, strong vocals, and smooth lyrics have enabled D’usé Saida to cement her place in the industry, with many labeling her sound as the next big thing. She has had a writing placement with Lil Tjay and Italian singer Serana Rigacci where she says she got to learn a lot. D’usé Saida’s debut single “Madame Ponsardin” has garnered thousands of views across various streaming platforms. She has also recently released her second single, “Blue Flash,” which is a collaboration between her and LaChaleur.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her music, D’usé Saida notes that her main source of inspiration is her personal life. She aims to create music that the audience will relate to and positively impact their lives. She also draws inspiration from her surroundings and other legendary artists.

Not only is D’usé Saida a talented singer and songwriter, but she is also a model. She has been modeling since she was 19 years old and has worked with prominent brands in the industry. As she continues to rise, D’usé Saida shows us that it’s possible to fulfill our dreams if we are ready to fight for them.

Asked about the future, she aspires to create more quality music and empower women and children.