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DJ Schemes and Marty Maw Release Electrifying New Collaboration ‘Throw Away’

DJ Schemes has built a reputation for himself as an affluent DJ and loveable radio personality. Known for his work on 93.9 WKYS FM, DJ Schemes has taken to producing and has already delivered an exciting new song.

Featuring up and coming star and DMV recording artist Mawty Maw, Throw Away has generated a great deal of buzz in the hip hop and R&B scene. DJ Schemes and Mawty Maw have created the perfect blend of punchy rhythms and smooth melodies to create an infectious single.

DJ Schemes and Marty Maw

As with many artists, DJ Schemes and Mawty Maw found themselves with an abundance of free time when the world was rocked by a global pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that ensued. Schemes took this opportunity to broaden his skillset and develop his producing skills. Although he dabbled in producing throughout his career, Covid allowed him to really focus on refining his skills and his unique sound. Now ready to take on the world, he has begun collaborating with a number of artists, planning to release plenty more music over the next few months.

The beat is the driving force of the new song Throw Away and was what encouraged Mawty Maw to become a part of the collaboration. Upon hearing the irresistible beat, Mawty Maw immediately began planning to write and record. With his smooth voice, he added another element to the track, speaking of relationship woes in a refreshing yet relatable way. The aim of the two musicians was to create a track together that was thought-provoking yet enjoyable for listeners. The themes of toxic love are something that many listeners can relate to and has attracted many to the song.

DJ Schemes and Marty Maw

Throw Away is available now on all streaming services and is steadily gaining an avid following of fans.

Click the link below to experience Throw Away on Apple Music: .