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Djk.o_ Takes Over The Chicago Music Scene

Djk.o also known as Ramon House is an American Dj. Djk.o has a unique story that led him to where he is today. He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, but moved to Oak Park, IL at the age of 12, where he quickly developed a love for skateboarding and street fashion. Previously, Ramon would be called a “weirdo” or seen as “different” because of the way he dressed and his passion for skateboarding, however, he was finally allowed to be himself in this new neighborhood. Later on, he became a popular college DJ. Djk.o_ started his Dj career in 2017 while attending Northern Illinois University. After perfecting his craft, he entered many Dj battles around Illinois and won all of them . After winning the DJ battles he started Djing at clubs & festivals around the United States, most notably Rolling Loud, Lollapalooza, Wicker Park Fest, and Oak Park Festival.

This led to him getting offered a Contract from the record Label, MVP Records. MVP records took notice of Djk.o after his performance at the  “From the Go Festival “. From the Go Festival is an annual music festival where up and coming artists perform. They saw his ability to control the crowd and work with each artist that performed. After being signed, djk.o has been working with many artists such as MVP MHAD, Myah Marie, Dlow, Swagg Dinero, and Chief Keef.

Djk.o plans on starting his own record label. He wants to sign disc jockeys , recording artists, and producers. By signing producers and artists this would keep the money in house. He credits his way of thinking to Birdman and Cash Money. Birdman made sure that all his artists rapped on his producer, Manny Fresh beats.  This label will make djk.o the boss he plans on being.

After interviewing djk.o_ he expressed his passion in music and fashion. He will continue to work hard and grow his brands. He wants to leave a big impact on the world, especially the city of Chicago.  A quote he left us with was,

“Do not limit yourself to your surroundings, you’re bigger than your situation. Just work smart & hard and God will make a way for you”.

Djk.o_ socials are as follows: