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More Than Just Making Dough: Dirty Dough Cookies’s Efforts to support mental health efforts and suicide prevention

‘It’s What’s Inside that Matters’ is the slogan for the stuffed cookie brand that is exploding nationwide. Dirty Dough Cookies, a manageable franchise for folks to earn passive income, uses its proceeds to benefit suicide prevention and awareness and mental health efforts, especially in K-12 schools and teens in particular. It’s a company filled with joy and simplicity run by a relaxed and straightforward guy: Bennett Maxwell.

With its new logo launching this month, Maxwell wants to create awareness around his humanitarian brand, spreading the message that sometimes life gets Dirty — every day isn’t clean and perfect, and that is okay. Maxwell has a long work resume and is a genius to boot, especially in building successful teams.

The Historical Stats

He has not only been in sales his whole life, but he’s also been in the cookie game. In high school, Maxwell sold cookie dough to pay for the fees to join his school’s wrestling and rugby teams. In 2015, Maxwell joined the professional sales forces, working in pest control, smart home systems, and residential solar systems sales. His team did over $1M in sales in just four months of his first year.

In January of 2020, pre-pandemic, Maxwell co-founded Switch to Solar with his brother, achieving millions of dollars in sales during their first year of business. Just because people weren’t buying homes during that time doesn’t mean they weren’t willing to improve their current ones! In fact, studies show that more home improvements in the United States were happening during COVID-19’s height — a testament to Maxwell’s superior observation skills and ingenuity.

After just 18 months, Maxwell and his brother sold Switch to Solar for a profit. But in between that time, Maxwell purchased Dirty Dough cookies in January of 2021. Over the next 11 months, some while still running Switch to Solar, he refined processes, built a highly experienced food and franchise team, and cultivated a rockstar franchise team to help him run it.

In December of 2021, Dirty Dough Cookies began expanding, franchising over 50 stores in the first 4 months.

Meaning Behind it All

Maxwell is passionate, driven, and believes in building a brand around a purpose, not money.

“Businesses should be driven, first and foremost, by a higher purpose,” Maxwell said. “I love Dirty Dough because it’s perfect for showcasing that life isn’t perfect. It’s okay to not be okay, life gets Dirty, and it’s most definitely okay to have a cookie once in a while!”

In early 2019, before Dirty Dough Cookies came into Maxwell’s view, he listened to a Jonathon Haidt’s podcast that tracked the correlation between social media and self-harm in young girls. The reports were startling to him, having never learned about this before. Since the advent of social media, self-harm has doubled, the podcaster said.

Actual hospitalization rates have doubled, allowing evidence that this rise is not caused by kids simply being more comfortable talking about it. Whether new or previously unknown, the fact stands that there are still too many self-harm cases.

“One take is to blamed the drastic self-harm increase on the unrealistic comparison that young people make between influencers and themselves,” said Maxwell. “These girls look at the seemingly-perfect women (and girls their same age) on social media and think, ‘Why can’t I look, feel, think, be like that?’ But they have no idea how those influencers got there — photoshop, dangerous diets, a poor non-digital social life, or a combination of those.”

Maxwell, a father of two girls, was saddened and struck by this message, and the rest is history. Dirty Dough now stands as a testament to imperfection creating its own perfection and that we should see ourselves in the same way. The focused efforts of all franchise owners have come together to partner with Bennett in the form of a non-profit working to fund and provide structure for Wellness Rooms to schools in each franchisee’s town.

“Nobody can be you but you,” Maxwell explained. “The name Dirty Dough refers to the inside of the cookie being ‘dirty’ with more goodies and fillings than any other cookie. A Dirty Dough cookie is messy and imperfect, exactly how it was meant to be. Our cookies embody our life motto: ‘It’s What’s Inside that Counts!’”

Dirty Dough Cookies proudly spreads the message that owning who you are, imperfections and all, is worth more than anything. Maxwell and his company stand for authenticity, self-acceptance, open-mindedness, and a ‘come as you are’ mentality. With that sort of message, we don’t think we’d want a cookie from anywhere else — except maybe our moms.

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About Bennett Maxwell

Bennett Maxwell, Founder of Dirty Dough Cookies, started selling franchises in December 2021 and, in the first 4 months has franchises over 50 stores. Passionate about building purpose-driven companies, Bennett believes businesses should be driven first and foremost by a higher purpose. He saw the potential of Dirty Dough to show others that life isn’t always clean and perfect. Sometimes it is Dirty and imperfect. Find out more about impacting lives with Dirty Dough Cookies at