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Digital Online Media and Journalism Is Being Redefined by Founders of Scoop Beats and ASTNT Technologies

In the last few years, we have seen some drastic changes in the quality and reliability of data provided by the news and digital media. People have begun to question whether the popular sites have been working for raking in money rather than serving the public. The spread of misinformation is visible today in our society. Social media platforms have served as a perfect way to misinform the general public and spreading anti-national propaganda. But not all is lost! There are some news and digital media companies that have kept the true spirit of journalism alive. One such name that you may have probably heard about is Scoop Beats.

Founded by the highly popular ‘Tech Girl’ of the YouTube community and visionary entrepreneur Divya and his friend Akhilendra, the company has always delivered facts. The company has never given in to the temptation of money and always served the public first. Its news website delivers information that is rich in reliable facts and figures. It has surely come a long way from being a Facebook page to become a popular news website. However, over the years it has remained consistent in delivering the true information as it is. It has always worked for shortening the distance between the people and the happenings in the world. The focus of Scoop Beats was on delivering crisp and reliable news without any tampering for personal gains.

Thankfully, Scoop Beats was there to provide exactly what they needed – facts and truth. It reminded everyone that there is always a rebel in the crowd. Scoop Beats was engaged in delivering factual data. It was even accused of spreading false information as they were not after growing their audience rather ensuring justice being served. But they never wavered from their path and demolished all the accusations.

A few days ago, Scoop Beats founder Divya Gandotra Tandon announced a collab with his friend Akhilendra Sahu, one of the most popular serial entrepreneurs and CEO of ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. The reason behind the collab was the establishment of Scoop Beats Private Limited, a sister company aimed to employ the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. It will follow the footsteps of Scoop Beats and deliver the right information.