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Dakota Wint’s documentaries capture the bizarre spiritual practices around the globe:

In today’s world, there are a lot of places where tribal people are still actively involved in many spiritual and cultural practices which they perform in order to connect with the spiritual or hidden worlds of earth. These people sometimes use certain stuff which is not legal in many countries. Thus, their culture and practices have been stigmatized by the majority of the population. 

Dakota Wint is a traveler, filmmaker and social media Influencer. He captures such stories around the globe and uploads them for the public to see. In this way, the common mass can see the unfiltered version of these practices by many tribes and form an opinion without any preconceived notion. Dakota shares all his encounters and experiences on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Dakota’s journey initiation point goes back to 2017 in India, where he stayed for a year to educate himself about the various types of Yoga sects. When he was in Varanasi, he met the Aghori Tribe who were a bunch of cannibal people. Even though they are popular because of their practices on the dead, very few people know the intention behind this. Through his documentary titled, “Holy Men of the Dead”, Dakota has painted a vivid picture of their spiritual practices and their intention for doing so. 

After spending a year in India, Dakota went to the Middle East as he planned to the holy places mentioned in the Bible and Abrahamic religion scriptures. His first destination was Turkey, then Egypt, Israel, Palestine and finally Jordan. However, it was a very memorable experience due to his participation in the Israel Palestine conflict. 

Completing his eventful stay in the Middle East, He visited Peru where he was with the Shipibo Amazonian Tribe for around six months. Their ceremonial ritual includes the use of ‘Ayahuasca’ or ‘Oni’. This medicine is banned in many countries like the United States and Uk because it is a hallucinogenic drug called DMT. However, the tribe considers it as a pathway to the astral world which is why it is of much significance to them. 

Dakota’s next place of visit was Mexico which is where he stays presently. Here, he came across numerous Mexican Tribal Groups such as the Mazatecas of Oaxaca, the Seri of Sonora, the Wixarikas or Huicholes of Nayarit and Jalisco. 

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