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Daelan Mangapit’s Success in the YouTube Gaming Niche

As the second most popular social media platform, YouTube is where many gamers connect with the gaming community. They share walk-throughs, discuss reactions, and engage in collaborative matches to enrich the gaming experiences of themselves and others around them. Daelan Mangapit is a creator who has found tremendous success in this community and has significantly contributed to its allure over the years with his unique style.

Daelan Mangapit’s YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, acquired more than 10,000,000 total views, and achieved one of YouTube’s most significant milestones, the Silver Play Button. He is a recognized figure and praised for his accomplishments in the gaming scene.

While marveling at his success, one must remember that excelling in the gaming genre is extremely difficult. However, Daelan has unique qualities that have allowed him to excel in this space. Let’s have a look at them.

Embraces His Identity

Unlike most gamers who are chaotic and energetic, Daelan naturally has a carefree attitude. Although this made him different, he did not see it as detrimental to his content and did not change his personality for the camera. Instead, he stayed true to who he was. As a result, his videos were more laid-back, less dramatic, and more relaxing to digest.

Furthermore, Daelan is an analytical person. He often explains his gaming tactics and strategies in videos to make them more engaging. Thus, his commentary videos are more insightful than most.

By embracing his unique qualities, Daelan was able to separate himself from the community, paving the way to the success he has today.


When starting YouTube in 2010, Daelan achieved little success. His videos would struggle to earn even 100 views. Despite this, Daelan persisted and took his lack of views as motivation and further increased the quality and quantity of his videos.

It would only be seven years after initially starting YouTube when his hard work would finally pay off. Some of his playthrough videos would go viral, catapulting his YouTube channel to over 30,000 subscribers. By 2022, Daelan had grown his subscriber count to 100,000.

Daelan’s patience allowed him to persevere through the first seven years of content creation where he didn’t succeed. Had he not been patient, he would have given up and not achieved his current position of success.

Willingness to Diversify His Content

Daelan created many styles of videos and did not box himself into one format. While playthroughs were his primary videos, he occasionally uploaded montages and did livestreams. Daelan’s willingness to experiment with his content made his channel versatile, allowing him to keep his current subscribers engaged while simultaneously attracting new audiences on YouTube.


When Daelan started YouTube, he had no one to guide him. Despite this, Daelan took initiative and carved his path to success. He taught himself how to edit videos on software like Vegas Pro and Cinema 4D. He also taught himself how to make engaging thumbnails in Photoshop. This self-directed nature of Daelan enabled him to create quality content and thrive in the content creation space.

The Ability to Dream Big

To achieve anything meaningful in life starts with having a vision. Dreaming big motivates one to better themselves and causes one to develop a roadmap to success.

As a child, Daelan dreamed of being a mainstream YouTuber. This dream motivated him to learn content creation and make his videos dynamic. It also made him think critically about how to achieve success in the gaming space. This dream stimulated Daelan to develop himself to become one of YouTube’s most entertaining and unique content creators.