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DaBeautifulKey’s Luxury Mobile Spa have become a phenomenon

DaBeautifulKey, Kierra Taylor, is a businesswoman and artist from Houston, TX. She is the only Black Woman who owns the Reiki Powered Tea Brand in the world, Kie’s Specialty Tea. This tea was created to combat chemotherapy side effects after her grandmother’s diagnosis. It is also where she activates her herbs with Reiki and places positive intentions into the beverages! These beverages can be found on Walmart’s site and will soon be in retails stores such as HEB, Target and selected gas stations such as RaceTrac, Mobile and 7/11.

She also is the only Black Woman that owns the only luxury mobile spa in Texas, Kie’s GVHE Luxury Mobile Spa! Kie’s Gvhe Luxury Mobile Spa is a way for her to travel and reach people teaching them the importance of stress management and self-care by providing Luxury, unique natural healing methods. This includes the 24k gold tea facial and Alkaline Crystal Foot Detox, which were both created by Kierra “DaBeautifulKey” Taylor.

From her years as an artist and actress to her creative endeavors, she is a recent graduate from Liberty University with a Master’s in Forensic Counseling. Her goal is to turn “The Beautiful Mind” bill she created to a law that makes it mandatory for law enforcement and military officials to have stress management and wellness programs.

DaBeautifulKey, Kierra Taylor

Let’s talk about business. What should we know?

A lot of people know me from being an artist and actress for several years. I have been a model in music videos with major label artists. I have always had an interested in criminal justice and wanted to make a change in this world. I was happy to earn my master’s degree in forensic counseling. Some people call me the Tea Lady because of being known for starting the only Reiki Powered Tea brand in the world, Kie’s Specialty Tea! I have now been known for introducing the importance of self-care amongst law enforcement and military officials as well as Black Women. I have also become known for inventing the 24k gold tea facial and the alkaline-powered crystal foot detox!

Kie’s Specialty Tea and Kie’s GVHE Luxury Mobile Spa have become a phenomenon!!

You can connect with Kierra “DaBeautifulKey” Taylor at: