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Crypto, Tech, and Healthcare: How Matthias Siems Turned His Passion For Innovation Into An Nine Figure Business

Matthias Siems has always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. The founder of the nine-figure company, Taru Group, has been doing business since he was a young boy. Although he has come a long way from his childhood, his passion for business and helping others is still the motivation behind what he does. At Taru Group, Siems invests heavily in two industries that he thinks will change the world – Cryptocurrency and Healthcare Technology. 

This drive led him to start several businesses at a very young age. By the time he was twelve, he had designed and patented a led hoof stamp, a device for putting shoes on horses. He was able to market the device to two of the largest sporting goods companies in the world and used the money to further fund his business ventures. After a brief stop in college, where he graduated with an Economic Psychology degree, he continued his business endeavors. 

After selling his medical cannabis operation for a multi-million dollar profit, he was ready to start his family investment group. Since launching in 2016, he has grown the group into a multiple nine-figure company by investing in things that he is passionate about – healthcare and cryptocurrency. While there is certainly money to be made in both industries, Siems’ motivation goes beyond money. “Technology can improve people’s lives. We can see that become visible as people learn more and apply it.” Siems is looking to use technology to improve people’s lives at a global level. Through his healthcare investments, he is looking to end cardiovascular disease. “Cardiovascular diseases are constantly on the rise globally.  This must be corrected with innovative heart medicine and technology.” Throughout his life, he has developed a strong network with doctors, universities, and entrepreneurs to help fund ventures that are looking to address this issue. He also believes that blockchain technology has the ability to help end poverty around the world. “Never has there been a time in history when a twelve year old could earn money playing a digital game to feed his family in a poverty-stricken region.” Through blockchain and cryptocurrency advancements, he sees this as a viable opportunity for many to bring prosperity to their families. 

What makes Taru Group unique is how it combines these two seemingly unrelated industries to create truly innovative developments. Siems explained, ”we have developed software that utilizes digital recording of the cardiovascular systems combined with artificial intelligence driven preventive software that is built using cryptocurrency technology.” In simple words, Siems and Taru Group are using AI and cryptocurrency technology to create solutions for cardiovascular patients. This software will be the first software of its kind that is available on a global scale. Increasing the availability of this innovative technology is of extreme importance to Siems. “We are working to make this technology available to all patients regardless of insurance status. We want to create a future of fair and accessible healthcare.”

His passion for making an impact on the world has led his family office to spread across the globe. With offices in Europe, America, Saudi Arabia and more, he hopes to build a legacy that extends far beyond his family. 

About Matthias Siems

Matthias Siems is an entrepreneur and the founder of Taru Group, a global investment company focusing on cryptocurrency and healthcare technology. While he is passionate about helping people through technology, he is equally as passionate about spending time with his family and loved ones.

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