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Correcting and Contouring with Dr. Simon Ourian’s Neustem Injections

Cheeks — they’re one of the most important features in human beauty. There are many theories as to why cheeks are so essential to the perfect human face, but when it comes down to it, they just look wonderful.

This is why you need to try Simon Ourian’s revolutionary Neustem dermal injection for cheek contouring. It’s one of his signature contour procedures that he developed with his acclaimed practice Epione Beverly Hills.

We’re not just talking about a couple of good yelp reviews. We mean it’s won the support of names like the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Olivia Culpo, and Jenna Dewan.

This article will walk you through three wonderful benefits you can gain from Dr. Simon Ourian’s Neustem injections, which the famous doctor also uses for cheek contouring.

  1. No More Dark Circles 

One of the pitfalls that can quickly turn a face from exceptionally attractive into flawed is dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles happen for many numbers of reasons, such as stress and poor sleep habits. Though a person might be doing everything they can to achieve beauty, dark circles can get in their way by causing facial skin tone to look uneven.

The Neustem dermal filler works best in tandem with Dr. Orian’s patented Coolbeam laser to eliminate dark circles. Coolbeam stimulates the growth of new skin cells, and Neustem fills in lines and depressions. 

  1. Enhanced Contours 

Neustem doesn’t stop at dark circles. It’s a wonderful contouring formula, that works on developing the counters of the cheeks until they achieve that perfect, sculpted, Greek-goddess-like look.

If you’ve spent hours learning how to contour your cheeks, and endless amounts of time applying and re-applying makeup, this procedure just might be for you. Think of all the time you’ll save and how stunning you’ll look naturally with your newly contoured cheeks.

Simon Ourian considers himself a sculptor by avocation and even trained once in sculpture. You can trust that he knows his stuff when it comes to the lines of beauty.

  1. You’ll Understand Your Face 

Once you’ve undergone one (non-surgical) procedure to improve the imperfections of your face, you’ll better understand your own relationship to beauty. While beauty is often considered ephemeral, it can be broken down into art and science in the end.

Understanding what you can do to improve your facial features will improve your relationship to beauty. You’ll understand better how to frame your face with haircuts, what makeup looks you should go with, and if you should consider getting another one of Simon Ourian’s amazing procedures. 

The Exclusive Neustem 

The Neustem dermal filler is a revolutionary way to contour, define, and eradicate imperfections in your cheeks; and you can only get it at Simon Ourian’s practice, Epione Beverly Hills. Beauty is much easier to define than people realize. Learn, grow, and become more beautiful with Epione Beverly Hills.

If you’re a woman looking to get those movie-star looks, book a consultation today!  


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