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Cool 2Be Conscious Is the Australia-Wide Movement Shifting to Global Impact

People chase money, power, and success in the hopes of finding happiness. However, they rarely realize that they are sacrificing the happiness they always wanted in life in pursuit of these fragile accomplishments. Some people live with anxiety and depression, holding back past trauma and anger. They refuse to let it go even if it weighs down their dreams and prospects. This is where Cool 2Be Conscious, or C2BC, has stepped in to reconnect people with their subconscious mind through gentle breathwork and meditation. C2BC is a holistic movement that has already transformed millions of lives in Australia and is on its way to making an impact globally.

Started in February 2021, Cool 2Be Conscious has become a nationwide movement across Australia in less than a year. Initially started by the duo Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, popularly called Ru and Ry, the movement now has more than 60 facilitators across Australia and New Zealand. It all started when Ru and Ry experienced the magical effect of gentle breathwork in 2020; they knew this was something that the world should experience. This method can help people transition into living happier and more fulfilling lives, the way they have always wanted to live.

Following the idea to introduce gentle breathwork in a more advanced and scientific way, Ru and Ry began a trial over the next eight months to figure out what really works in this process. They even educated themselves on the biological effects of the practice to help educate people on the impact the sessions have on their brains and bodies. After a prolonged series of trial and error, Ru and Ry finally came up with a life-transforming process called “Stillness.” It is a one-hour session of breathwork and meditation in a community. The first C2BC session was conducted on Australia’s Gold Coast on a Sunday. Since then, every session has blown up with participants, and the highest recorded registration for one session has been 250 people on Burleigh Beach in July 2021.

Today, C2BC is a seven-figure business with a range of conscious products designed to give anyone a life-changing experience. Besides stillness sessions, C2BC offers online flow sessions through Instagram, which are free for anyone in any corner of the world. Ru and Ry also offer free pre-recorded meditations, state-shifting breathwork, and habit resources on the C2BC website. The duo also conducts 7-hour events for a more immersive experience for people who want to erase memories of pain and fear and step toward holistic living.

To create a ripple effect in the world and help more and more people find happiness and love through breathwork, C2BC has also introduced a licensing program. Through this program, Ru and Ry train like-minded people who share the same vision to build their own communities and spread the benefits of meditation and breathwork. C2BC has also partnered with global brands GymShark, Lululemon, and Wellweb to make it a worldwide movement. 

Ru and Ry hope to take this movement to the USA in 2022 and other countries in the next five to ten years. They have launched their first product that will assist anyone on their journey, the C2BC journal combines important resources to inspire people in different parts of the world to live holistically.