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Coke Rocks World Cup Campaign With Music Stars

Coca Cola’s new World Cup soccer campaign blends big names like Jason Derulo and AC/DC  as well as a special packaging themed around goal scoring which serves a numeric counterpart to the company’s famously successful “Share a coke” campaign.

With the US soccer team failing to qualify for the World Cup, Coke instead used Alex Morgan, a female soccer star, to deliver a message of female empowerment in sport.

The commercial which was created by Barcelona’s The Cyranos/McCann, is scheduled to run around the globe in June. This ad will cap off what has been a 9 month long campaign around the World Cup that began in September with Coke partnering with Electronic Arts in marking its FIFA soccer video game.

Segments of the campaign will be spread across a minimum of 185 different countries prior to the start of Russia’s World Cup on June 14. Coke also recently aired another two ads, one of which is called “Ready For” and shows Coke plant workers giving pep talks to new bottles ready to be handed to highly emotional soccer fans.

Both of the ads feature cameos from Jason Derulo, who made Coke’s anthem for the World Cup. The song, named “Colors” has already garnered close to 19 million views on YouTube. The music video has limited branding by Coke, but it is noticeable when looked for.

One of the anthem’s lyrics “can you taste the feeling” is inspired by Coke’s signature tagline with one shot showing a soccer ball branded with Coke logos. The vibe of the song is a departure from what many people usually think of with Russia but the video is set to be remixed for different reigions, with rapper Basta appearing in the Russian version.

Coke has historically been a major sponsor of FIFA and this World Cup will be no different in its heavy incorporation of Coke branding.