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Clean Eating: 3 steps to drop your junk food habit

If you ever find yourself constantly conceding to your junk food cravings then you might be developing an addiction to junk food. Think twice before you shrug this off as something that “not a real thing.” According to a study titled “Neurobiology of food addiction” published on PubMed, junk food addiction shares a similar biological basis to drug addiction. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle that has dire consequences later on. So how do you kick the junk food habit? Here are 8 tips:

1. Identify the food that triggers cravings
What are you most likely to crave? Some have an excessive sweet tooth, others love fried food and everyone can get hooked on fast food in general — which is usually carb-loaded and heavy in calories. Once you identify yours, it will be easier to avoid these. Keep them off your shopping cart and avoid eating in places that make these accessible to you.

2. Plan ahead
You’re more likely to eat junk food with a carefree attitude when it comes to eating. But if you enforce a proper meal plan to promote healthy food consumption, then you can make conscious decisions toward giving up junk food. Have a grocery list of fresh produce and stick to it, make a meal plan ahead of the week and prepare food yourself.

3. Act with intent
Planning ahead won’t help you if you don’t help yourself. Make the move towards a healthy diet by staying proactive in achieving your goal. Discard your “secret stash” of sweets and processed food, take out junk food from the fridge and pantry and replace them with healthier alternatives.