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3 Classy Ways To Spruce Up Your Next Private Event

The season of partying is almost upon us! We can already imagine people calling up party planners, organising DJ’s and looking up private bartending services to make the experience undeniably memorable.

As the humble private event gains more traction with additional layers of extravagance, there are a number of new and exciting ways to make an event stand out in the annals of your guests’ minds. This can range from luxurious bartending services like Party Shakers, to the inclusion of Karaoke or a live band to add an element of class. There are certainly no excuses for throwing a mundane soiree in 2022 with so many ways to enhance the experience available at the press of a button.

We’re going to go over 3 inventively classy ways to spruce up your future event!

1) Shake It Up With Party Shakers

We all enjoy a drop of the good stuff when we’re together and celebrating. Having a reliable private bartending service is becoming a necessity for the modern event, which is where the good folks at Party Shakers come into the fold. They’re the undeniable party starters in the industry, offering professional, bespoke experiences for events at a fraction of the price you’ll find elsewhere.

There’s something inherently special about a bartending service that was created by bartenders – they offer a package experience and a one-stop-shop simplicity. Having a private, personalised bar is a must for your next event.

Check out Party Shakers in action:

Our Company Is a One Stop Shop for Mobile Bar Services | Party Shakers

2) Photo Booths & Memories

Everything old is new again. The much-loved tradition of photo booths is coming back in a huge way, and more party planners are including it as a must for a memorable event. Not only does it bring people together, but it also gives guests a chance to take something away with them to remember the experience with fondness and nostalgic delight.

Thanks to the increasing availability of high-quality photography equipment and some very swanky setups – a surefire winner for your next event is a photo booth experience.

Funnily enough, Party Shakers also includes a photo booth option for their private bar services which only adds to their already valuable repertoire.

We will bring the best bar experience and Photo Booth to your event | Party Shakers

3) Custom Catering

The final way to enhance your next private event is to add an element of uniqueness to your food options. There are so many catering companies out there these days that you’re essentially spoilt for choice. With so many choices, comes specialties – having a theme-focused menu is heartily recommended as it adds a special taste for your guests, and who doesn’t like bespoke menus that are crafted just for them?

Enjoy the sizzling summer ahead and be the host that people will remember.