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Civil Trial Attorney Robert Dominguez Helps Underdogs Find Justice

The process of getting justice is never easy. If you come from an underprivileged background, it’s even more brutal, and the odds are stacked against you. For many victims, the journey is frustrating, which makes finding justice seem impossible. Having come from a similar background, Robert Dominguez has now made it his mission to support the less fortunate, assisting them to get the justice they deserve.

Robert Dominguez is a well-known civil trial attorney specializing in personal injury and the founding partner of The Founders Law. With his team, they are helping their clients with their personal injury cases, ensuring that justice is served.

Dominguez’s unique approach is creating a safe environment for all his clients. According to Dominguez, there are many challenges that the victims of an accident have to overcome. Having the financial means to hire a lawyer is only one challenge. From the healing of the physical and emotional trauma to maybe getting used to their new way of life, there are many changes that the victims and their loved ones have to endure.

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone on their side to walk this journey with them. Dominguez has made it his goal to help everyone, especially the underdog, find justice. He has adapted the latest technology, which allows him and his team to do the work faster and make communication easier.

Growing up watching his parents struggle to make ends meet, Dominguez understands the struggles many people face and how challenging it can be to find extra finances for something you had not earlier planned for. He says the experience is part of what inspired him to pursue a career in law. In his words, he wanted to help his community.

The Founders Law firm is making justice more accessible by providing sophisticated legal services throughout Florida. They have made it their number one goal to help their clients achieve the best possible outcome by presenting their cases in court. The Founders Law does not charge the client unless they win. They are also reducing outstanding medical bills to ensure the client can get back on their feet and overcome the challenges that they are facing as a result of an accident.

When Robert started his journey to become a lawyer, he didn’t have the resources he needed. Even so, he did not give up. His family took a significant risk and moved from Cuba to the United States to pursue a better life, and it is where Robert studied law. Years later, Robert is a celebrated attorney in South Florida specializing in auto accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, work accidents, insurance claims, and slip and fall accidents.

Dominguez’s experience in the field allows him to get his clients the best outcome possible, ensuring justice is served. No one should have to suffer after an accident they didn’t cause, says Dominguez. To help his clients, he breaks down the complicated legal process into understandable terms and encourages the less fortunate to step up and fight for their rights.