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Check Out Royal Protocol’s Launched LP Game!

Get excited everyone! After a long wait, Royal Protocol has officially launched their LP game! Royal Protocol is a company daring to go where no others have gone before in the world of cryptocurrency! Royal Protocol Price or ROY coins have long been a favorite in the crypto field, and now Royal Protocol is giving you the chance to stake ROY with BNB in their new liquidity pool game!

Investing in a liquidity pool has never been easier than with Royal Protocol. With this new launch, they are giving the community a chance to have a real impact on the growth and direction of the company. Unlike other crypto companies, this new launch shows how much Royal Protocol loves and depends on their user base.

By staking ROY coins with BNB, you automatically earn a place in the LP game. The more LP you are able to give to the game, the better your chances are and the higher your place will be on the leaderboard. The leaderboard has tons of great stuff for the best players, including lots of Royal Protocol swag and even physical copies of ROY coin for you to keep! The amount of prizes depends on your leaderboard status, so give as much LP as possible to win the awesome rewards.

The best part of the game is that you don’t even need to be top-ranked on the leaderboard to enjoy the benefits. All liquidity providers, regardless of their level, will be entered into a random selection and given a chance to win the prizes. So all you really need to do is participate! Over the course of 16 weeks, one random participant per week will get a great swag bag and enjoy the chance to climb that LP ladder.

Royal Protocol is able to put their money where their mouth is and fully commit to their fans. They are giving away upwards of $1,000,000 in GROY to participants. This gives LP members a way to be involved in the actual decision making process of the company. What other cryptocurrency group can possibly match that?

The launch officially opened on November 15th, so get involved as soon as possible to make your way up the leaderboard and claim some great prizes. A revolution in crypto is coming, and Royal Protocol is directly on the front lines!

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