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Championing Families: The Story of Patrick Baghaserians, CLFS

Get to know Patrick Baghaserians, a Certified Family Law Specialist who has dedicated his career to helping families navigate complex legal matters and achieve favorable outcomes.


Regarding matters of the heart and home, there’s no better advocate than Patrick Baghaserians. As a Certified Family Law Specialist in California, Patrick has made it his mission to represent men and women from all walks of life in complex divorce, custody, and paternity cases. With a unique combination of tenacity, compassion, and legal expertise, Patrick has become a leading voice in family law, helping clients navigate the often-turbulent waters of marital disputes, child custody battles, and more.

A Passion for Advocacy

Discovering the Melting Pot of Family Law

Growing up in the La Canada Flintridge area, Patrick Baghaserians knew from a young age that he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He found his calling in family law, a field he describes as a “melting pot” that allows him to wear many hats: litigator, mediator, and courtroom advocate.

Patrick began at St. Francis High School before continuing to Loyola Marymount University and earning his law degree from Southwestern Law School. While in law school, he had the distinct honor of working for the renowned Federal Judge, the Honorable Robert M. Takasugi, as a full-time legal extern. This experience allowed him to witness firsthand the intricacies of federal trials and hearings, solidifying his passion for advocacy.

Making a Positive Impact

Patrick Baghaserians has been a tireless advocate for his clients for nearly two decades, helping them navigate the complexities of family law with empathy and understanding. He’s worked with clients from various industries, including entertainment, finance, professional sports, and technology, handling cases involving complex financial, marital dissolutions, relocation, high-conflict child custody litigation, grey divorce, and sophisticated prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Sensitive to the needs of his many prominent clients, Patrick works discreetly and tirelessly to achieve favorable outcomes and promote their rights. His tenacious courtroom skills and impassioned advocacy have gained him national prominence, representing the interests of families throughout California.

Building a Legacy

Founding Baghdaserians Law Group

In 2019, Patrick Baghaserians took his passion for advocacy to new heights, founding Baghdaserians Law Group with his long-time friend and colleague, Daniel Leonnetti. Since its inception, the firm has expanded rapidly, with clients from all walks of life. Baghdaserians Law Group serves all sides of the family law spectrum, and to best accommodate its growing clientele, the firm has established multiple offices in Pasadena and Beverly Hills.

Media Appearances and Expertise

Patrick’s expertise in family law has been noticed. He has been featured in local and national media, expressing his expert opinion on various family law issues. Notable appearances include the Los Angeles Times, CNN, and Montell Williams’ television show, Balancing Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Patrick Baghaserians’ area of specialization?
  • Patrick is a Certified Family Law Specialist in California, focusing on complex divorce, custody, and paternity cases.
  1. What types of clients does Patrick Baghaserians represent?
  • Patrick represents clients from various industries, including entertainment, finance, professional sports, and technology.
  1. Where are Baghdaserians Law Group’s offices located?
  • Baghdaserians Law Group has offices in Pasadena and Beverly Hills.
  1. How long has Patrick Baghaserians been practicing law
  • Patrick Baghaserians has been practicing law for nearly two decades.
  1. Where did Patrick Baghaserians earn his law degree?
  • Patrick earned his law degree from Southwestern Law School.


Patrick Baghaserians’ dedication to family law has made him a sought-after attorney for clients navigating the complexities of divorce, custody, and paternity issues. Patrick has built a lasting legacy in family law with his unwavering commitment to representing his client’s best interests and exceptional legal expertise. He continues to be a champion for families, guiding them through some of the most challenging moments in their lives and working tirelessly to ensure their rights are protected.