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Celebrating Mardi Gras This Year? Here’s What You Need

Though it seems the new year has just begun, Carnival is in full swing, and Mardis Gras is just around the corner. If you’re planning on participating in the festivities on and before this festival, we have you covered with several resources to help you prepare and recover.


You might celebrate Mardis Gras in the streets of New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro or throw parties from the comfort of your home. Wherever you are, Carnival is a time to go all out. You can upgrade your fit with accessories from brands like CRAFTD that offer a wide range of quality men’s rings, from simple gold signet rings to elaborately decorated silver bands. No Mardis Gras look is fully complete without some bling.

The grander the better when it comes to your Mardis Gras costume. Though it’s truly a time to express yourself, it couldn’t hurt to incorporate purple, green, and gold colors and add sparkles and feathers. You might find the perfect beanie or earring set from Mardis Gras Celebrations. Their parasols and folding chairs can also keep you comfortable as you brave the Carnival parades.

Comfort is non-negotiable during this time, and there are many products to help expectant mothers enjoy the celebrations as much as anyone else. Hatch Collection’s wide range of stylish and cozy maternity leggings offer Oeko-Tex certified and C-section-friendly designs that go with any outfit. 

Parties and festivals are all fun and games until the chafing rash and blisters begin. This year, supply yourself with water-resistant clothing, plush shoes, and places to sit as you celebrate Mardis Gras.

Confidence Boosters

The most important part of your fit for Mardis Gras is how good it makes you feel. Whether you’re going for a look in the classic purple, green, and gold color scheme or creating an ensemble that’s entirely unique, you should feel confident and assured. After all, Carnival is about celebrating, so why not celebrate yourself?

If makeup is your jam, there are no limits to how extravagant you can go. Lashify offers easy-to-apply eyelash extension kits that provide volume and flexible wear time without damaging your natural lashes. Gone are the days of getting glue in your eyes and painful pulling as you remove lash extensions. 

You can also draw more attention to your eye makeup using Jones Road Beauty’s highly pigmented, cruelty-free eyeliner pencil. This pencil provides a smooth application that perfectly pairs with your Mardis Gras-worthy eyeshadow or makes a statement all on its own.

Before makeup comes skincare. If you’re looking for the ultimate straight-edge razor for a clean shave or shape-up, The Beard Club has you covered. With their single-edge razor, you can achieve barber-quality shaves at home. These blades are easy to stow and maintain, allowing you to bring your best look to Mardis Gras.

Why not curate your Mardis Gras look from head to toe? Once you have the costume, accessories, and makeup, it’s time to focus on the hair. You might deck yourself out with hats and headbands or try out an elaborate hairstyle. Whatever option you choose, you can improve hair health and appearance using WOW Skin Science’s apple cider vinegar shampoo that clarifies and rebuilds hair. It provides a gentle detox to remove product buildup and excessive oil and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients or toxic sulfates; this allows you to strengthen hair strands, boost volume, and reduce split ends and frizz.

Treating yourself and boosting your confidence can happen underneath your costume too. With Fleur du Mal’s luxury lingerie, you can feel powerful and inspired in French Leavers lace and bespoke embroidery. The company’s French inspiration is also the perfect compliment to your trip to New Orleans.

Gen Z Language

If you’re going to one of Mardis Gras’ big celebrations, it can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the lingo used by those you’ll meet. This year, you can expect to see more members of Gen Z attending Mardis Gras parades and parties. 

You might hear phrases like period and dank. It may seem out of reach to catch on to all the catchphrases and shorthands. Thankfully, resources like Rock the Bells can clue you in on the meaning and history behind Gen Z’s favorite words and phrases, like the meaning of GOAT


All-out parties call for well-rounded recovery. After you celebrate Mardis Gras, take care of your physical health and recuperate. Using Incrediwear’s knee sleeve before and after parades, you can avoid injury, relieve pain, and accelerate the healing process. Their products provide comfortable and effective compression to increase blood flow, promoting lymphatic drainage. Make sure you snag one before heading to New Orleans this February. 

Physical health requires optimal hydration. First and foremost, don’t forget to bring water wherever you go during Mardis Gras; dancing and drinking only speed up dehydration. Besides water, your body needs vitamins and electrolytes to combat fatigue and illness. The I.V. Doc provides accessible solutions; they’ll bring convenient IV therapy to wherever you’re at with there telehealth services. Ddrip therapy boosts immunity and re-energizes, so after catching thrown beads and eating your fill of king cake, rejuvenating IV concoctions might be just what you need.


Between the start of a new year and the Ash Wednesday that’s recognized by the Christian faith is a season of celebration and well-mannered debauchery. You might be staying home or hitting the streets for Mardis Gras but wherever you go, you can upgrade your costume while optimizing your health.