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California Senators Calls for Women to Reject Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

There is a possibility that Trump Supreme Court nominee set to be announced on Monday would eviscerate the freedom of women for generations, warns California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The senator insists that the people of America must understand what is at stake with this nomination in that the decision to overturn Roe would take the country back to the days when women got injured and died because they could not access the Basic medical care.

Feinstein, who took part in an Oakland roundtable debate which was carried on by California Planned Parenthood, recognized that the Republicanswere the majority, and thus controlled the White House and Congress. Therefore, the power of female electors was the only thing that they had at the moment in their attempt to counter Whitehouse upcomingnomination to the Supreme Court.

The California Sen. Dianne Feinstein alleged that she had not spoken face-to-face to the two female Republican congresswomen, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine.  There is a high expectation that the two will be the swing votes in justice confirmation on who will take the position of the retiring Anthony Kennedy. Nevertheless, the California senator added that she did understand that they were pro-choice which she knows it is a duty.

For instance, Feinstein mentioned ‘gag rule’ on medical practitioners and healthcare providers in the Title X program as an example of the president’s administration efforts that were posing an imminent danger to the health of women. The way the program works today; it allows hundreds of thousands of women in California alone, who were a low-income earner, to access health care. The Senator gave-out a call to action for the female electorates to inscribe, call and get in touch with their parliamentary representatives to object the resolution in the national remark period that will end on July 31.

The publicized verdict from the Health and Human Services Department in June appeals for ignoring or refusing Title X givers – who got state finance to deliver services to masses of low-income females. It will thus involve giving abortions to patients and also having a discussion about them with the clients.

The senator acknowledges that the Democrats have few numbers in the State and thus, they stood little chance to stop Trump court nominee. However, she feels that even though that is the case, women can make their voices heard on the issue during these defining moments. Despite the calls by Feinstein, it remains to be seen whether the women will answer to it, let the administration know their stand and result in postponement of the nominee until after the election.