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Caleb Boxx, of YouTube Automation, Explains the Difference Between YouTube and TikTok Earnings

Caleb Boxx is no stranger to social media. He boasts 560,000 Instagram followers and has been referenced extensively by accounts that cover passive income. However, YouTube is his favorite platform and, in his research, the highest earner.

Boxx launched his first website when he was just 11 years old and was soon managing paying clients seeking him out for his forward-thinking web designs. Since then, the high school dropout has become a millionaire through two endeavors: his own YouTube channels and the company he founded to assist YouTubers in making automated videos, YouTube Automation.

His company helps the video platform’s most-followed content creators produce more videos and make more money by automating their content. This means that the creators still dream up video concepts and read scripts, but Boxx and his team can take care of the rest.

YouTube Automation offers automation courses, channel management, mentorship, a Mastermind group, an Elite Membership Program, and much more.

His formula appears to be working. Boxx is a seven-figure-earning 21-year-old that works about four hours each week.

For his clients’ part, they no longer have to appear on camera, edit, post, or perform any of the annoying admin tasks that take up so much of their time. This leaves the creators with more money and more free time — it’s a win-win situation.

Putting in the Time

You might wonder why YouTube is a better moneymaker than some newer platforms, like TikTok. “I would say ultimately, if you look at TikTok’s audience, it’s just different than the audience watching long-form Youtube videos,” he explained.

He went on to say that long-form videos build more of a connection with an audience, and they become more invested in the creator as they “get to know them” better through their content. It’s harder to watch someone for ten minutes than to digest a 60-second video. If you look at some of TikTok’s biggest stars, it’s been very hard for them to translate their audience or transfer them from TikTok over to their YouTube or other platforms.

Building Loyalty

Boxx’s research has revealed to the young entrepreneur that the longer subscribers or followers spend watching your videos, the more loyal they become.

“Just because someone follows you on TikTok and watches you for 60 seconds doesn’t necessarily mean they are very loyal to you. Because of that, you actually make more money from the long-form content on YouTube because the audience member is more trusting and loyal to you,” said Boxx

In a recent Instagram reel, Boxx gave a real-world example of YouTube vs. TikTok earnings. He inserted a clip of one of Instagram’s most popular, Erika Kullberg, a lawyer that teaches people about the finer points of consumer law in a fun and digestible way. Her deeply watchable content teaches watchers how to use the fine print for credit cards and more to make sure you’re protected and get the most you can out of every dollar you spend.

Despite Kullberg amassing a whopping nine million followers in just one year, she revealed that she only makes a few dollars per day from the site. Boxx shares that, in the same month, he had 1.3 million views on YouTube, but he made $9,500 from them.

Business Savvy

Despite dropping out of school, Boxx is a smart businessman with a stellar work ethic. A proponent of the “work smarter, not harder” school of thought, he teaches automation techniques to some of YouTube’s biggest stars, like Prestonplayz, who has 15 million subscribers.

It was a stroke of genius when he realized how many YouTube personalities longed to step back from grueling daily filming schedules and just concentrate on sharing information.

“YouTube Automation is taking a business approach to the platform,” he explained, “Yes, people get into creating videos because they love it. But, when a channel relies on your face for years and years, it gets tiring. Even Logan Paul had to finally shift away from being the face of his own channel. It’s challenging to show up every day and film your life and your face. I’ve found a way to solve that pain point for YouTube creators,” he explained.

Boxx and his team of 200 employees have assisted creators with a combined billion subscribers.

He has friends who will only get 3000-5000 views per YouTube video, but they still collect an eight-figure income from Youtube. “You can just make higher conversions, not only from ad revenue, but there are other ways you can convert your audience into income, like selling online courses and other products related to your content,” said Boxx.

With experts like Boxx leading the pack, what’s stopping you from starting your own automated YouTube channel?

About Caleb Boxx

Caleb Boxx is a founder of YouTube Automation, a business model that allows people to automate their YouTube channels creating passive income. Boxx has helped hundreds of content creators. To learn more about Caleb Boxx, please visit