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BroadwayHD is Meeting the Demands of Global Theater Fans and Creating A New Generation of Broadway Fans

Covid-19 and its variants have wreaked havoc on live theater but BroadwayHD is the streaming service reminding us all what we love about Broadway. This subscription service, launched in 2015, is keeping Broadway fans around the globe entertained and engaged with the art form that they love. With over 300 full length musicals and stageplays available for on-demand streaming, subscribers can watch when they want on their tvs, laptops or mobile devices.

Bonnie Comley -BroadwayHD Founder
Bonnie Comley, Founder of BroadwayHD

“Watching football on tv is not a replacement for going to a football game”, states BroadwayHD’s founder, Bonnie Comley, “the same is true with watching Broadway on a screen – it’s not a replacement, it’s just another way to enjoy Broadway.” BroadwayHD is meeting the demands of Broadway fans and creating the next generation of theater fans. Watching theater on television creates a desire to go to the theater. In fact, many theater professionals from Laura Benanti, to Gavin Creel to Lin Manuel-Miranda have mentioned the impact that watching Broadway shows on tv has had on their career. In the recent Tick, Tick,…Boom movie directed by Manuel-Miranda, Jonathan Larson the composer of RENT, is portrayed watching Broadway on tv as inspiration for his musicals.

Broadway and West End shows are known as the best in live stage entertainment but it’s not always possible or convenient to get to the shows in person. BroadwayHD is providing a 24/7 opportunity to watch full length stage shows to a global audience. Fans can go to a show at night and stream a show the next morning. The best way to become an educated consumer of theater is to watch lots of shows, which now includes streaming. BroadwayHD’s catalog of over 300 full length shows recorded in multi-camera high definition is providing convenient and affordable access worldwide.

Many older theater fans are no longer comfortable with attending live performances. They may have mobility issues, hearing impairments or sight impairments. Others may also find live stage shows difficult to attend. BroadwayHD is making theater accessible for these theater fans with streaming content and features that include closed captions and audio descriptions. Viewing BroadwayHD at home until they feel secure while attending in person is a wonderful option.

Families with young children are viewing BroadwayHD as a way to introduce their children to the live stage experience. Videos can be paused for questions, stopped and restarted for snack or bathroom breaks. The filmed Broadway shows are a nice first experience before bringing children to the theater and an opportunity to explain and demonstrate theater etiquette such as sitting quietly during the performance, the theater gets dark, and the music may be loud – all these may be new concepts for young children.

BroadwayHD Family watching big screen tv

BroadwayHD can be streamed on most devices including, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV Amazon Fire, Pluto TV, IOS, Android and the Web. The annual subscription cost is $129.99, which allows viewers to watch the hundreds of shows available on demand. BroadwayHD has been described as the “Netflix for Broadway shows.”

Gift certificates are available for monthly access at $11.99 per month, and $129.99 for annual access. To learn more go to:

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