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Brett Boeve – America’s Spring Break

Spring is here, and colleges and universities across the US have already geared up to make their spring breaks unforgettable for the students. Talking about spring breaks in America, one name that repeatedly came up recently is Brett Boeve. He is an emerging organizer of college and university spring breaks. The young entrepreneur has unparalleled insight into spring break celebrations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His partnerships with attracting venues such as Backyard leverage to load these events with fun atmospheres and incorporate party elements.

Brett Boeve started his entrepreneurship journey at 19 and soon managed to connect with like-minded people who helped him grow in the event management space. He discovered his interest in the college events space and got hired to manage spring breaks within a company. While organizing the event and managing thousands of college students during the spring break, Brett realized he found his forte and hasn’t looked back on his ventures there. It was the spring of 2019 when he managed over 1200 students on a spring break for his company University Viral.

Originally, Brett sought to get into the space to help students have fun during their spring break and create wonderful memories. Now, after four years, he is an emerging name for orchestrating exclusive spring breaks in south Florida. It has now become his passion and his livelihood. Brett is the former COO of University Viral, a well-known entertainment brand in the US that has been listed among the fastest-growing companies in the entertainment space by Entrepreneur magazine. Backyard, the largest events venue in the city is frequently attended by the collegiate crowd that travels to south Florida, making it one of the sought-after venues for spring break.

Fort Lauderdale offers a similar atmosphere in comparison to Miami Beach, however Fort Lauderdale is considered much more affordable. Spring breakers can get an exclusive experience of hotels, clubs, DJs, and also amazing beaches where there is no need to drain thousands of dollars that any party lover will do at Miami Beach. The spring breaks arranged by these partnerships usually have thousands of students enjoying the beaches we have during the day and at night have the students party to DJ music. Brett’s goal is to offer an extraordinary vacation-like experience to college students where they can meet new people, enjoy affordable drinks, create unforgettable memories, all while having access to yachts, party venues, and revel in some thrilling beats.

Backyard’s full building can hold close to 4000 students for a spring break, which is enough to mimic the exact mood and atmosphere of what Spring Break is all about! Half of the venue is open-air, adding to the spring vibes. To enhance the experience with some incredible music, Backyard gets top musicians and influencers from the US to perform during spring break. The breathtaking landscape of Fort Lauderdale adds to the experience exhibiting one of the most perspectives vacation spots people often dream about.

Brett and his partners for the past couple years are completely responsible for organizing spring break from coordinating with students to taking them to the hotel and finally managing them at the venue. At times, he and his team work till late at night to ensure every spring break they organize becomes a treasured memory to the college students. To see them having fun and the smile on their faces become a true achievement for his team.

In the coming years, Brett plans to offer a range of customized spring break packages in south Florida. These packages will have detailed itineraries of where students will go, when they will sleep, and where they will party. His dream is to see thousands of students having fun at the Backyard every week for the whole month of spring break. The goal is to make his brand a go-to platform for colleges and universities in the US for planning a grand spring break.