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Breaking It Down: Indian Model Karan Oberoi Style

One of the leading male models from India Karan Oberoi is often adored by people for his amazing style and super physique. Oberoi is a self-confessed fitness and style addict, as to him it matters a lot on how he looks. He has a taste for boots/high ankle shoes, watches and all sorts of jackets. Oberoi is also one of the most photographed face and has worked for all the avenues in modelling world from print, walking the ramp to electronic media. He is almost always ruggedly styled, Oberoi loves to go on to “macho” to “Sporty” look by dressing in leather or sports jackets, big boots with the right accessories. His favourite apparel brands are Superdry, Armani and Zara. Since the major fan base on the social media loves his style, we shall be breaking down India’s top model Karan Oberoi’s perfect style quotient. 

Essentials items for Model Karan Oberoi’s Style: 

Shirts and basic tees

Oberoi’s loves wearing checkered shirts especially with jeans from Armani, Diesel and Superdry. White and black monochrome tees are staples too, sporting the basic essentials t-shirts under the shirts also works well with him when paired with jeans. He believes that one may not possess a lot of t-shirts but should have at least a couple of styles in basic black and white t-shirts. Since they are easy to style and matches with almost every type of clothing. 


A lover of vintage styles, the black leather jacket from Superday is perfect for recreating Oberoi cruising. Something more extraordinary is the jacket from Armani or basic wind sheeter neon colour jackets from Zara to add onto the colour completes his wardrobe. Even owning a few informal/semi-formal fabric (cotton) jackets are a must for a casual meeting or even a date. 


Karan Oberoi (model) only wears custom-made suits. A model’s body can never fit into a regular suit, the physique of a model required a custom suit to get the perfect fit highlighting the extra muscle on the biceps and the perfect V – waist line. Oberoi gets his suits from Zara or Raymonds too sometimes, but all of them require a custom alteration to go with his physique. He believes that finding the right suit is like catching a big fish.


Model Karan Oberoi believes in the famous saying “you can always tell a man by his shoes”. He often mixes high-end formal shoes with semi-formal loafers to his love for boots/high ankle shoes. For his daily wear he often opts for the suede biker boots from Superdry or Diesel.

And some causal sneakers from his new love for Onitsuka Tiger. He finds them to be extremely comforting and stylish at the same time. He also believes that a man’s wardrobe is only complete when he owns the right pair of formal shoes. A basic brown and black pair are a must for every man to match with all sorts pants.


Men are often under stated for owning a few accessories. Like women, men too need a lot of accessories. Be it a pocket square, tie, cufflinks to go with the formal suit or owning some chains, caps and bracelets to complete the casual or the daily look. Apart from this, owning the right pair of watch is a must. Like shoes, men are often judged by the watch they wear, so one needs to choose it very carefully matching their personality and the attire.


Swapping between raw wash and classic blue, Diesel and Armani are Model Karan Oberoi’s go-to denim. Be it a simple plain fit or a rugged matching his personality, he finds his comfort only in these 2 brands. The fit of the denim is of utmost importance, the right fit makes the right denim. He believes that jeans are what completes the look for him.