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Brandon E. Beal & Beal Financial Group Educate The Masses On How To Be Your Own Bank

Financial freedom is that blissful state where a person works out of a free will, not because he has to. Having enough money to sustain your lifestyle throughout your life while leaving considerable wealth for the next generation is what defines financial independence. This is not achieved through a 9 to 5 job or a savings account. It requires a stable source of earning and the right procedure for investment that comes with financial literacy. Brandon E. Beal, the CEO of Beal Financial Group, is helping people find financial freedom by educating them on different earning and investment possibilities. 

Brandon E. Beal was raised in a family of athletes, naturally earning the drive to work hard, be determined, and persevere till the goal is accomplished. As a professional athlete and personal trainer, Brandon had a successful career living a comfortable life. However, he chose to be the hero in the family, earning the much-needed financial freedom for himself and everyone around him. Coming from a sports and fitness background, it wasn’t a walk in the park switching to a different industry- finance and building a solid career there. 

Despite being a newbie in the finance space, Brandon remains confident in his natural qualities, such as hard work, determination, and dedication. He affirms that they are much-needed qualities for developing a successful business. Seeing people make money around him, he knew he had to be self-reliant and do more for himself. After gaining considerable insights into the industry, Brandon founded Beal Financial Group to build a community of heroes who can achieve financial independence by delivering life-changing financial products to families across the U.S. Beal Financial Group educates the masses on the importance of financial literacy, building generational wealth and retirement preservation by being their own bank. 

Beal Financial Group offers a range of low-risk, high-gain wealth accumulation plans like cash value life insurance policies that mainly include IULs or Index Universal Life policies. These policies are winning financial products that most Americans aren’t even aware of. The main components of IULs put it ahead of the traditional 401(k) or IRA. IULs ensure no loss due to market volatility while driving incredible growth at almost 8 to 10 percent annually. IUL investors can access the cash as early as after 2 years of investments without any penalties, fees, or taxes. The income generated via IUL is 100 percent tax-free due to IRS TAX CODE 7702, making it a great value plan. 

As a financial group, Beal Financial educates people on valuable policies they wish they had known decades ago. Besides helping clients with the best financial products, Beal Financial Group also offers lucrative earning opportunities to the representatives so they can also become financially independent and start working as business owners and not brokers. As one of the fastest growing companies in the financial sector, Beal Financial has unlocked multiple earning options from representatives. From guiding them through the licensing procedure to making a trice weekly remuneration, Beal Financial stands out in the market as a company that is highly focused on the growth of its representatives. 

Brandon E. Beal, the brain behind Beal Financial Group, wants to scale the company to newer heights in the coming years. He hopes to have 1000 agents working across the counties, with a larger section earning five to six figures annually.