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Brandon Delgado on His Journey as a Producer Before Stepping Out as an Artist

Everyone has dreams, but unfortunately, not all see theirs to the end. The different challenges and obstacles along the way drive people to give up on their goals as they feel like there’s no clear path. This was the case for rising star Brandon Delgado, but he didn’t give up. He took a different path that has now helped him reach his dreams. 

To get to his passion, Brandon started as a producer, and through hard work and commitment, he was able to launch his career as an artist. He shares his incredible journey as a producer and how he transitioned to becoming an artist.

Brandon is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He is popularly known for his song “Bad influence” and “Dance.” While he joined the music scene a few years back, his feel-good and upbeat sound, candid lyricism, and infectious melodies paved the young artist’s way, helping him cement his place in the highly competitive industry. He says the skills and experience he gained working as a producer have also helped him climb up the ranks, setting him apart from others and making his music stand out.

According to Brandon, he has always been passionate about music since he was a child. His cousin was a member of a boy band, and Brandon would often accompany him to practice. Brandon says his cousin was one of the first people to introduce him to music, and he got to learn about some legendary artists through him, such as Tupac, Drake, and Lil Wayne. He recalls spending time listening to music on a cassette player, and it was then he fell more in love with music.

Brandon started writing poems and lyrics mostly about how his day went or something unexpected that happened. He also wrote his debut single, “Catch,” at the time. However, as Brandon didn’t have money, he couldn’t release the song. He says it was a tough time as he felt like his dream had been crushed, but he didn’t give up.

To remain closer to his passion, Brandon started his journey as a producer. “I got into production as that was the only way I could have studio time,” says Brandon. He began by helping out in the studio, and with time, he learned more about music production. 

Doing so, Brandon always knew he wanted to become a singer. He worked smart while perfecting his musical skills, and in 2017 he recorded and released his first song. He explains that “Catch” is a song that helped him through the challenges. “As much as I felt like giving up was the best option, ‘Catch’ kept me moving as I knew it was the only way to get somewhere with my career,” says Bandon.

“Success takes time, and not everything will work out the way you want it to. Even so, you should keep fighting for your dreams,” says Brandon. Looking back, he says taking the production path to fulfil his dream was one of the best decisions he ever made. As he produced music for different artists, Brandon was able to meet some of the big names in the industry, and he says they have helped shape him become a better artist.