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Bounce Curl is the savior for all the curly hair people out there

Bounce Curl is a renowned brand that creates hair products for wavy, curly & coily hair people. The brand was founded by Merian Odesho in the year 2015. Being a Cosmetic formula herself, Merian carefully selects all ingredients that can style, moisturize, and hold all those beautiful curls. The first product that was launched was Light Hold Gel. She creates the perfect mixture of ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of each and every product 

Every year or two, scientists develop new solutions to creating better innovative preservatives or ingredients & Bounce Curl will always explore these options to improve their efficiency. For example, 10-20 years ago, people were using formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in their cosmetics because that was the only option, they had in order to preserve their hair products. Merian is a part of the Chemist Society & is always up-to-date with the development of new, innovative ingredients. Bounce Curl aims to stay up-to-date with the latest & best ingredients that follow green chemistry principles if they perform well in our formulas.

“I come from a science background, so any business tips would have been very helpful. I certainly had the piece around creating and marketing my products; building the company structure to support Bounce Curl’s growth was more of a challenge,” says Merian. “It was also a learning process figuring out how to find the best talent to hire as part of the Bounce Curl team and to get Human Resources in place to support and retain that talent. ” However, now that she has figured out her way, Merian has quickly pushed Bounce Curl to the top of the haircare industry.

Merian Odesho single-handedly created a brand that has gained massive success over the years.  The products of Bounce Curls aim to maximize customer satisfaction. Bounce Curl is a woman-owned business and Merian takes great pride in the success delivered through her years of honesty and hard work.  Currently, they are looking forward to launching innovative products that every haircare needs. Merian is not only a hard-working CEO but also a woman with a golden heart She encourages people to follow their goals and is presently mentoring 5 other women so that they can create their own businesses as well.  

To know more about Merian Odesho and her brand Bounce Curl, check out their social media handle (link down below)



Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl 

Pinterest: @bouncecurl


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