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A Boat Capsized, and a Dream Realized: Meet the Shopanova Team

What happens when a dream capsizes? If you ask Daniel Stafford and Robby Switzer, founders of Shopanova, rebirth is waiting after every calamity. After Stafford rolled his boat in rough weather and almost lost his life and the lives of three other crew members, he was left wondering what to do next, not realizing what was ahead.

After spending time reflecting on the next steps, Stafford realized he wanted to be intentional; whatever came next had to align to his values and create success—without costing him time away from his family.

“Mindfulness, intention, and planning all come together when a business is launched,” Stafford explained. “For me, it was aligning my beliefs with the company mission, finding similar minds, and creating a future where we were all rowing in the same direction.”

Enter Switzer, another fisherman in Alaska. Both men were ravenous workers, even skipping sleep to see if they could earn more money. Each individual was sick of the drag and time away. When discussing what they should do next, they decided to go all in on video creation and marketing assets under their first company, but soon realized that they were not turning the profit they expected. For their next move, they decided to dig deeper into the world of Facebook advertising. Sharing the same values for the hustle, that move would change the trajectory of their lives and their bank accounts– without costing them their ethos.

“For both of us, it came down to what was next needed to align with our values,” explained Stafford. “We prioritize our families, and we didn’t want to compromise who we were to build the future we so wanted.”

They reflected on the power of digital advertising and e-commerce. Using their ethics of hard work, curiosity, and serving the end-user, Shopanova, an e-commerce advertising agency, was born.

Created out of the idea that companies know what they want and professionals know how to get them there, the trio used exactly what they used to do on the sea: They went fishing for sales in really effective, strategic ways. They began to closely monitor online advertising, noticing what captured eyes, looking to how sales funnels worked best and started conceptualizing how they could make the process even more effective for their clients.

Shopanova’s strategy shortens the sales cycle, creating robust, smart advertising that gains attention, clicks and ultimately—sales from the clients they are targeting. With an eye on both the end-user and understanding what their clients truly need, the company is becoming one of the most skilled e-commerce advertising partners in the United States.

“Advertising has come a long way,” stated Stafford. “However, it also has a long way to go. Customers are always looking for the next, big thing, and our work brings their e-commerce marketing strategy into 2022 and beyond.”

Prioritizing clients is one way the budding company has gained so much success, and the other is through powerful relationships—built on trust and respect. With a plan tailored to each individual business, the team uses an exclusive Brand Velocity Framework to ensure each element of digital advertising is covered. From social media to email and SMS to micro-influencers, Shopnova’s personalized planning and execution bring leads from every facet of the web.

Helping over 100 e-commerce stores scale and strengthen their bottom line, Shopanova has created a name for themselves in the industry. “We’re delighted to elevate the brands we work with,” stated Switzer. “Through our partnerships, we have been able to add an additional $150 million to our client’s revenue, and have a high rate of retention with clients that have been with us for many years.”

Choosing clients based on a three-stage process, potential partners are carefully curated to ensure the 100% turnkey operation can be as successful as promised. When a client signs up for Shopanova’s services, Stafford and Switzer’s team goes through an in-depth audit of their online presence and eCommerce systems.

“Thrilled is an understatement,” commented Switzer. “Seeing our clients grow, prosper, and exceed their goals is as fulfilling as a great day on the water. We’re about a meaningful impact, and Shopanova has so much more to accomplish.”

If sales are any indication, Shopanova will be one of the most robust providers in the next few years—all thanks to a capsized fishing boat, two brilliant minds, and a future of tremendous opportunity.

About Shopanova

Shopanova is a modern growth media buying agency for eCommerce shops. They have been able to grow their clients’ monthly revenues from 5-figures all the way to 7-figures and beyond. Shopanova has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Business, NBC, and more. For more information on how to build a generational online brand and scale your business to millions, please visit