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Behind Talkies – A Source Of Fresh And Recent Kollywood News In Tamil For Indian Readers

It would not be exaggerating to say that fans revere their favorite TV and Film stars like nothing else. Especially, Tamil people are widely famous for their craze and reverence of Tamil stars. Since we got introduced to the Tamil film industry, most of us must have heard and even seen the extent to which people love Rajinikanth. For those who were too young to witness the fandom of Rajinikanth, let us take the examples of recent actors such as KGF fame Yash and Pushpa fame Allu Arjun. Their fans anoint the posters and images with milk for real.

Tamilians ponder their loved TV and film industry stars with much love and appreciation. Behind Talkies has additionally brought the Tamil celebrities and their fans one step closure with their initiative launched in 2017. Operating as a medium of infotainment, Behind Talkies is a digital avenue for Tamilians to see what is happening in the lives of their favorite celebrity. Furthermore, the online news portal also provides its readers with celebrity buffs, the latest gossip linked with Tamil stars, films and music news, movie reviews, interviews with various artists and actors, and Bigg Boss Tamil Vote updates.

Behind Talkies, with its reckless content creation system, feeds its readers with a broad base of movie reviews right after the first show releases in theatres. The reviewers make sure that they compile movie reviews so that they do not spoil the suspense or reveal the whole story. The simple logic behind this is the point of watching a film if you already know the story. However, the reviews published on the online portal of Behind Talkies do give you clarity if you should watch or save your money and time from being wasted.

Practicing honesty in entertainment journalism was the basis of launching Behind Talkies in 2017. With the influx in online portals and greed of earning money through webpage visits, many websites publish news on their platform to create a fake hype and avail monetary benefits. However, Behind Talkies has stayed loyal to its values. Behind Talkies’ sincerity in delivering genuine content is the only key that has helped the online infotainment platform survive and prevail over the years.

Behind Talkies, since its inception five years ago, has grown from a single person to many teams managing various departments such as social media, graphics design, advertising, and much more. Out of them, the work editors and reporters doing at Behind Talkies is commendable. The reporters and editors strive hard to publish news items only after filtering out credible news from the adulterated heap of updates coming from unreliable sources. In the long run, the truth will only prevail, and the people working in the background of Behind Talkies will not want to run water on its name earned in the last five years over momentary benefits.

Behind Talkies provides rich content to the increasing readers with real-time, factual, and well-articulated news linked to the Tamil film industry. With their hard work and dedication to innumerable entertaining readers, Behind Talkies has created an irreplaceable place in the entertainment industry. The online portal has amassed more than half a million followers on Facebook and also growing significantly on the microblogging platform Twitter.