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5 beautiful and unexpected locations to have your dream wedding

Weddings in churches are traditional and predictable these days, there is a lovely growing trend becoming prominent in the world around us, with more and more people opting for an out of the box style location or style in which to walk down the aisle.

These new styles of thinking are inspiring a lot of creative endeavors into the nuptial adventure and today we will give a quick guide of our personal favorites to get your mind rolling and thinking laterally about the location where you’ll share your first marital kiss.

1.  Beachside

Gazebo offered by Amish Outdoor Buildings

One of the classic locations to have a wedding these days is by the coast, for the landlocked ones amongst you there are always beautiful and inspiring lakes to the same effect. More and more designer weddings have incorporated the use of unique furniture to further bolden the moment, like an elegant designer gazebo like one offered by Amish Outdoor Buildings which can house the couple and celebrant with the ocean behind them. It makes for a very cinematic and unforgettable portrait and a memory for the couple and guests that won’t be soon forgotten.

2. Forest


A classic alternative to the typical cathedral, and an antithesis to the man-made paradigm that plagues so many. Going back to nature seems to be increasing in popularity, with a range of wedding planners specializing in the greenery nuptials. The endless possibilities that reside in a forested environment make for a unique and completely private experience for your special day and allows everyone to gather in a quieter location to enjoy the moment all the more.

3. Barn Weddings

Barn Weddings

If you’re looking for a country style engagement with a hint of the modern architectural twist laid around it, then look no further than a classic barn wedding. While it sounds quite low brow, there are some stunning examples of the architecture mimicking the cathedral innards, with high rooftops, natural light and a classic aesthetic. Utilising these paradigms and creating a more homely and natural feeling is perfect for the wedding shots you have been imagining for years.

Due to the inherent nature of barns being predominantly found on farms, there is no end of spacing that can be given for the after-party as well, allowing you and your guests to enjoy in peace and tranquility, reveling in the return to nature with a hint of civilization.

4. Out To Sea

Out To Sea

Yet another unique experience that will allow you to have a one-of-a-kind wedding with the people you love. There are several larger yachts and boats for rent who cater to weddings specifically and allow you and your guests to sail naturally into a new life together.

The sheer number of options available for photographs and moments to capture due to the endless possibility of location is another hefty reason for consideration. For those not fortunate enough to be on the coast, there are countless beautiful lakes scattered across the country that have an incredible stoic beauty which can have their own air of sophisticated beauty.

5. Vineyard


One of the rising stars in wedding locales is the humble vineyard. Providing the best of all worlds, with an inherently beautiful natural look and feel, combined with the more modern estates for the aftermath and subsequent celebrations, and of course, freshly cultivated wine to go along with the whole day. Having a vineyard wedding has been the popular choice for many of the upcoming generations looking to tie the knot, which helps the local businesses that depend on trade as well as easing up some of the plans for providing the drinks for after the ceremony.

There are wedding friendly vineyards all across the USA, so having the adequate climate is easy to cover and if it turns into a destination wedding, well that’ll be an added adventure you’ll never forget.

In this day and age, it’s vital to always be looking at being a little bit daring, a little bit different, we implore and encourage you to think outside the box, look in your local area and remember the places you wish you could capture forever. Chances are, a few are already popping into your mind right now, pursue it, and have fun.