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Atlanta-Based Independent Artist – Walter Weekes

Having talent in the music industry is critical, but it’s the artists’ expertise and creativity that will define the actual outcome. To succeed, artists need to clearly understand how the music industry works. They also need to work with the correct people and mentors.

A prosperous music career isn’t an overnight event. It requires great patience, persistence, being open to critics, and keeping your focus on your goals. You will need to focus on what you want to give your audience. To build a stable following, you need to ensure that your music connects to a particular audience and speaks to those who can’t perform.

Like many young up-and-coming artists, Weekes has proved to have all it takes to crack the music industry ceiling. However, his journey into the music scenes was not easy. Growing up in a family with limited financial access, even for the basics, was a significant obstacle in his early days. There were days he would do manual jobs after school to help his parents while maintaining his life in high school. There were times his family would spend the night in the cold, going to bed on empty stomachs. But, he didn’t let these setbacks kill his music dreams. His passion for music and determination to succeed to better his life kept him perfecting his songwriting abilities.

Growing up in Atlanta, the 20-year-old artist spent his free time listening to music legends, such as Akon, 2 Chainz, and Byron Adamas. Walter Weekes grew up looking up to their musical prowess and success in the industry, which was sufficient motivation for him to press on regardless of the many obstacles.

“I was living in one of the fiercest hip-hop towns, Atlanta, Georgia, and the experience made my dreams into a reality. There are dozens of music gurus rising from this city, and had to think out of the box and come up with something unique to shine”, says Weekes. He doubles as a songwriter, singer, and music producer and is known for his unique and rare music sound.

Weekes has fascinated a lot of music fanatics with his magical sound that perfectly blends soft rock, jazz, and a hip-hop touch in his songs. He has rapidly made a name among the industry players, and fans should expect more surprises from him in days to come.

Walter Weekes has gone beyond all odds to make his star shine brighter in the music industry. He works as an independent artist, which he attributes to the freedom that he enjoys in writing and producing all his songs. Walter has recently released his first single titled, “Feelings” and his fans can’t get enough of his magical, lyrical tunes. The single talks about his musical journey to where he is today. He is working on another single that he hopes to release soon.

Walter Weekes concludes by advising young and upcoming artists, “As long as your passion and vision are alive in your heart, don’t lose hope. You can use your setbacks as stepping stones to the next level. Don’t allow adverse circumstances or limitations to kill your ambition. Work hard, focus on the positive and keep on pushing, and finally, you will get there”.