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Anthony Zingarelli of United LLC Provides Effective Early Guidelines to Help Grow Your Start-up

Starting a business comes with a wide array of challenges. As Anthony Zingarelli of United LLC explains, many young entrepreneurs skip right into the CEO role, skipping additional experience and training that would keep their start-up on the path to success.

Being young and inexperienced doesn’t mean you can’t succeed, as there are myriad examples of the contrary. There are principles any entrepreneur, no matter the age, can adopt to steer their start-up toward a path of success.

Here are several applications and guidelines you can follow in your leadership plan to help your start-up thrive.

Have a Vision and Share It

Entrepreneurs need to have a vision for their start-ups. It’s what the company will ultimately seek to achieve and will work into how it aims to achieve it.

As a start-up leader, you need to share this vision with your team and get buy-in from everyone. That vision was yours at first, but it needs to become a part of all of your leaders.

Sharing your vision will help remove potential barriers that stand in the way of your employees achieving their goals. When they buy into the vision you’ve created for your start-up, they’ll have a vested interest in helping the company reach its mission.

Motivate Through Purpose

Employees are often more motivated when they have a solid grasp of why they have to do what they have to do. They’re likely to be even more motivated when they agree with the purpose.

Successful start-up leadership requires constant motivation. A great way to do so is to lead by example and work with a purpose each day.

By providing your employees with context to what they’re doing and why they’re more likely to be motivated to perform their best.

Share and Share Alike

The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives start-ups to success. However, the most successful start-ups don’t just get that entrepreneurial spirit from their founder. It’s a spirit that permeates all levels of the company.

Start-up founders can encourage this spirit by allowing employees to share in the decision-making process. You’ll still have the ultimate final say over some of the major decisions, but you should consistently seek and integrate employee feedback.

This again goes back to inclusion. When employees feel valued, they’re more likely to be motivated to perform better. And when you are not only welcoming but encouraging feedback, you’re creating an inclusive environment for them to do so.

Be Efficient

Entrepreneurs have stretched things. They have a lot on their plates and often have trouble juggling all the tasks.

But, as Anthony Zingarelli explains, if employees see you concerned in your day-to-day, they’re likely to adopt that same mindset.

You can lead by example by getting control of your time management and then helping your employees do the same. Start-ups must work highly efficiently, as they often don’t have the resources as well-established companies — or the wiggle room.

About Anthony Zingarelli

Anthony Zingarelli is the founder of United LLC, an operations management solutions firm located in Dallas, Texas. Zingarelli relies on his expertise in operations management to help companies and startups experience tremendous growth by securing financing, building business plans (including exit strategies), and recruiting key personnel and resources.