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Anatomi: Changing the game of luxury fashion in Dubai.

Founded by interior architect-turned-fashionpreneur Doaa Alghouti, Anatomi since 2015 has attained massive name and recognition in the industry.

Over the years, we have read, heard, and celebrated several success stories, mostly consisting of men. However, tables have turned and how. Women are becoming shining examples of entrepreneurs across almost all industries and sectors and showing their genius to the world, proving they are capable of creating and developing brands and businesses. The fashion world today is rocked by many such incredibly talented beings, among which one name that has been making quite a buzz lately is Doaa Alghouti, who believed in her passion for fashion and thus went ahead in creating as amazing a brand as “Anatomi.”

Wondering what is Anatomi all about? Well, Doaa created this luxury fashion brand in the year 2015 and since then has only taken it forward in ways more than one. It has grown as a one-of-a-kind luxury fashion brand of Dubai, and Doaa, as the founder, can’t wait to expand it to other parts of the world in the coming years. Anatomi has become one of Dubai’s leading modest fashion brands, which consists of contemporary designs combined with timeless styles paired with modest silhouettes that scream elegance. It is interesting to know that Doaa Alghouti started her career as an interior architect but later realized her true purpose and jumped into the deep ocean called fashion.

Her brand Anatomi had enthralled all with its first Fall/Winter 18 collection in the ever-so-famous Paris Fashion Week and spellbound audiences with its Spring/Summer 19 and Spring/Summer 20 in the New York Fashion Week. The Canadian fashionpreneur has turned Anatomi into a known fashion brand in Dubai in just a few years, which is nothing less than commendable. She mentions how she found a gap in the modest fashion industry, which motivated her to fill in the gap by creating something unique, yet trendy, elegant, comfortable, and modest, which led her to create Anatomi in 2015. Her passion for creating something new and standing different from others to offer value to people kept her going on in her path, which took Anatomi to greater success levels.

Her affordable brand offering comfortability and style packed with elegant designs have been ruling the fashion world in Dubai and how. To know more, visit Anatomi’s website,