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Analysis of Bill Clinton Thoughts

If you ask people what they would want from their politicians, you will get one thing-authenticity.It means that they want their politicians to show what they feel or support. However, when Billy Clinton did that in the Today show in his touchy talk on #MeToo and Monica Lewinsky, a significant number of the watchers were astonished and indignantly requested a show of artifice.

Later, Clinton would partly comply by stating apologetic words in what Stephen Colbert gave as a “do-over” interview. Nonetheless, the initial presentation—rebellious, self-justifying, “tone deaf,” portrayal by CNN, a “meltdown” in the post of Washington —was the most crucial window into understanding an aged person at a new moment.

A part of the day’s show interview depicts Clinton agonizingly behind the era in his understanding of how current happening have resulted in a change in the public perception and conversing about sexuality, power, and place of women regarding respect for them.

He gave an accurate account of the personal price and financial cost he paid for his wrongdoings and honestly (or so it appeared to me) about how terrible for his transgressions. The only problem is that he did not give any hint to show that he understands what the modern society is clamoring for, that is whether he understands the price that other people paid for his lapses.

For example, he had an affair with a 22-year-old intern but did not seem to know how she felt orsuffered as a result of the incident. Additionally, he assumes the public apology he made twenty years ago to Lewinsky was enough to pay the pain he caused her and thus she does not even seem to see the need for mentioning or bringing her name into the conversation.

That interview part concealed another crucial aspect-it depicts the Clinton of the 1990s as a person that is ahead of his era. In fact, in 1998, he felt that the whole issue was not about the sex scandal,but it was about power with those that were aspiring to destroy him. It is that concern that Donald Trump has made the basis of his presidency even after 20 years.

For a long time now, Clinton has held that the scandals in his times cannot overshadow the accomplishments he had as the president of the United States. Hillary winning the presidential race would have cemented that argument. However, times are changing,and turning standards makes Clinton look like some ex-presidential Gatsby, continually borne into discussions about his past.